Bar Glass BS

Bar glassware makes great decorating accents in front of concealed rope lighting in my bar. When I went from Southwest Redneck décor to what I hoped to be somewhat upscale informal lounge atmosphere the glassware was a natural for the shelving that surrounds the room. The mirrors behind the rope lighting give a dramatic light to accent the glassware. Then what started out as some excess bar glassware became collections of drink glasses by brand advertised or by intended use and came to include a few just really neat drink glasses. Help from friends advanced the project to it’s current level- excessive. Excessive you ask? Excessive when it’s clean the collection time. Almost 300 drink glasses currently adorn the small bar – That’s 300 NOT FOR regular use glasses. Add to that about 50 TO USE items –mugs, larger glasses, ale glasses, schooners, highball glasses and Collins glasses etc. A few wine glasses for the occasional wine imbiber and a lot more than ever needed are the martini and Margarita glasses. Are you sensing the excess? If not you should have joined me in the washing, drying, polishing and re-displaying yesterday- It’s not too late I’m not quite finished yet.