Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wednesday 5:30 PM

Whoops - miss another day to relate all the exciting and informative events from “old #5”. So in retaliation I’ll subject you to today’s events at “old #5.”

There you are now up to date. Except it appears that Shorty & I did pretty well yesterday. His fridge is working right again and his range is fully functional.
Now to cover all the other accomplishments

Yeah it won’t take much of that to lose readers. Let’s see now… You probably won’t want to read about my complaints of 50 degree highs, Right? How about the barometric pressure dropping to ‘0’ this morning, Oh how about the forecast of winds hitting 18-20 mph Friday? No that probably won’t bring accolades and applause or readership either.
Well Darn!
If you’d like to “chase a rabbit”, chase barometric pressure and emotional effects on all us human like creatures. Ha Ha Ha
Here’s something YOU decide if I have my already semi made Rubin sandwich to my evening meal or will I go the 4 or 5 blocks to the Legion and have fish Taco or sliders & fry's ? Just to complicate things HERE I can enjoy reading – inside the bar or the house or the in front of a fire in the courtyard. At the legion I can pause when I enter and try to forecast who’s in a good mood and will be fun to be around and listen to a lot of silly laughter and slams. Wow I didn’t realize the level of decisions I really deal with on a regular basis. I’m actually not sure but the sliders with fry’s are sounding good – I can have pork, beef or that other meat like substance that had wings at one time. I could even mix up the selection. Wow I’m even messing up my own decision making ability. Oh crap- I just remembered there’s Shirley’s leftover beef stew in the fridge. Shoot – I’m probably just have some snacks – Oh No! I have chips and dip, 2 kinds of cheese and crackers OR . . .
You See, sometimes, I’m actually doing you a favor by NOT posting anything. . .

Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday 6:30 PM

Burr our warm sunny weather has departed for a while. Plus 25 mph winds just to keep me thinking about how to better secure our tarp carports. I’m sorry to report that so far I’ve been unsuccessful. They ARE still holding. There will not be book, beverage and blazing fire (BB&B) in the courtyard tonight.
I’m one step closer to having fully visible instrumentation at night in the old Scout. I found some bulb sockets locally and the LED bulbs are working great and the LED tail lights are a great improvement too. It’s been years since I had a high beam indicator. Sometimes parts are problem with OLD orphan vehicles (no longer produced) and I have TWO of them. Yes, I may be a glutton for punishment or just not too bright. By the way I don’t think I need your evaluation of which it is. Thanks anyway (ha ha ha)
I’m taking Shorty back to the eye doctor for a follow up check and after that appliance shopping. Their fridge & range need replacing. Around here that means they don’t work. They are surviving but it isn’t fun – Shirley can’t bake without an oven (and I miss the cookies) and the fridge runs most of the time even after cleaning the coils etc. It’s time.
Let me think a bit, nope can’t think of much more to report. It’s too early to hit the hay and too late for much else on a holiday evening in downtown Mesa. If I haven’t gotten out for a while, Mondays, whether Holiday or not, are not a good time for casual socialization.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday 6:30 PM

Saturday Night ? Nah, can’t be. Wrong again ‘old Crusty’ it is most definitely Saturday Night. I am happy to be home and not wishing I were out and about tonight. For one thing I’m tired – that doesn’t usually keep me at home. Tired? Why Yes. Somewhere during the afternoon I decided to try to install some LED bulbs for the dash lights in the Scout. I knew that some of the sockets were missing and etc. I now have 3 lights WORKING and 4 not working along with the little lights for the accessories like lights, wipers heater controls. Those are no big deal because after all these years I KNOW where they are. I DO NOW have a bright beam headlight indicator. Whaa Whoo That’s an improvement. The sockets are available and not pricey but I didn’t HAVE them in hand. S0 I chose to put the new LED taillight bulbs in. Driver’s side went OK and next the passenger side – not so much. The socket was wasted. I don’t know what kept the bulb in. Understand the old Scout has HD on/off road traction tires on it and they are usually aired up enough to pull a heavy trailer which contributes to going slowly over speed-bumps and avoiding potholes if for no other reason for the benefit of my back. Rough ride – Yeah! Anyway the new bulb wouldn’t hold in the socket- if I held it in place it worked fine otherwise NOPE. Stupid Old Man – I monkeyed with the darn thing till I got frustrated, found a better one (I thought) in the tool box and spliced the wires and found that the one in the tool box SHOULD HAVE BEEN thrown away when I took it off. Quick trip to get a new one- that went OK till I hooked it up and it didn’t work either. Imagine That I’d taken it off and replaced it years ago. I’m not prone to replacing things that work but. . . I’d have been OK but the height I had to maintain to splice the wires and test it wasn’t good. My bad soon made a strong point of the fact and reminded me that pushing ahead from that position wasn’t a good plan. I knocked off for today. By then the partners were launching dinner to which I was invited. That just re-enforced the appropriateness of STOPPING for today. Yeah it usually takes more than one reminder for me to quit. So from all that I learned – LED bulbs don’t respond to the dash light dimmer BUT they will make the gauges visible at night- OK. Now I need to get a hand full of twist in sockets and replace the rest of those suckers. I wasn’t up for rewiring the taillight twice sooooo. Tomorrow maybe. Old vehicles, Old building + Old man = ___________ . Prior to this the ‘partners’ figured their fridge was going South rapidly early in the day. I went over and Shorty had the fridge out of it’s spot and had tried to clean the coils etc. It hadn’t worked so far so I got some brushes from the shop and some vacuum attachments and tried it. It’ll probably will work a little longer but who knows. It was used when he bought it and that was at least 10 years ago probably more. Include in my day’s activity a short visit with Dawn & Bill about mid-day and I’ve had a full one. Not really ‘bad’ but certainly not satisfying. But a call from the daughter saying her move is complete, thanks to the Alton Waggeners and a couple fine Braymans. Miserable day for that kind of activity (moving), Thanks Folks. My day felt better.
I guess I felt like re-capping my day, mostly for myself probably but still . . .
The forecast isn’t too brag-able for here for a few days but I can handle low 50’s for a day or so. See I ain’t a weakling and can tough it out. Ha Ha Ha I may be compelled to complain a little but that’s for you to handle. (chuckle)

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday 8:30 PM

My laundry is done again! You probably can’t imagine why I make such a big deal out of that, Right? Well it’s like this – 28 shirts, a pile of pants plus the socks and unmentionables and miscellaneous household/bedding stuff used the equivalent of 6 washers! All done, folded and back in the truck in under 2 hours at $12 plus detergent – I’m good with that. A phone call on the way home from my friends from Wis. (winter residents) changed my day. I came home MADE THE BED and headed to their house out in Apache Junction for the balance of the day. When I got home I had problems – like coming down from a really good time - I thought no way am I staying home tonight. HELLO Legion. My usual small pitcher and I’m home NOW. Book open, beverage poured and in for the night- A day to be Thankful for.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday 7:30 PM (see below for earlier post)

Late Breaking New! I finished the guestroom. Ha Ha Ha I can remember when I could clean on entire house it the time it took me to do ONE bedroom & ½ bath. Well there are differences – For one the closet hadn’t been sorted out and really cleaned in a long time. There were tons of stuff that had just found their way there because it wasn’t full at that moment. There hasn’t been a strong demand for the guestroom in almost a year. Anyway it’s taken till mid March by members of Shorty & Shirley’s families. That’s fine even good – it’s better to have someone using it than just sitting. They had turned down a cousin of Shirley’s, not real sure why but. . . he keeps trying to buy out Shorty’s interest. That doesn’t make them comfortable and I can understand that. Doesn’t make me too comfortable either.
Now it’s almost 8:00 PM. I got sidetracked earlier after finding my old karaoke machine & a favorite mic I had. That old mic is ‘cool’ I think and it still is a great piece of equipment – I’ll verify that when I get a new connector on it. It was great back when it got a lot of use at Friday Night Happy hours here. Only the big barrel charcoal grill got more use except for the bar fridge maybe.
OK I haven’t eaten enough today but I’ll attend to that after my ‘clean up’. Maybe - Yeah I’ll eat something . . .
Thursday 11:30 AM

Good grief it’s almost NOON! I goofed off the entire morning. I got carried away with breakfast – 3 egg omelet with sausage and some leftover beef and sharp cheddar cheese. I put some peach salsa on it and WOW. The peach salsa REALLY went well with it. I saved ½ for tomorrow. Then I got the dishes washed up and the kitchen cleaned and It’s NOON almost! When I got up I remembered laundry but the cool & damp enhanced by a strong lack of desire took care of that idea. Since the guestroom is reserved from Mar. 1st – the 15th with 2 different guests I’d best get to getting.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wednesday 1:00 PM

Greetings and well wishes to all. I just back from shopping for Pastrami (because I prefer it over Corned Beef), Swiss cheese, Thousand Island dressing, Sauerkraut and Rye bread. My inventory of Zesty Dill Pickle spears was still OK. Can you guess what is my menu plans? Ha Ha Ha
The balance of my “wish-list for the day” is still totally intact with no modifications since last night but I may have adjust it slightly as the day is slipping away AND it’s been sprinkling all morning and very likely to continue well into tomorrow. That’s OK. We need the moisture and maybe I’ll get some things done that I would rather be outside playing than focus on. HEY THERE It could happen It might include laundry probably not though.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tuesday 8:00 PM
Shorty’s appointment went very well. The doctor said it’ll take a while but you should get good vision back in that eye. He didn’t understand WHY the other doctor had prescribed what he did. After he was home
I took off to see a camping trailer. Early 60’s just the size I want but totally junk restoration wise and the frame and suspension were never any good. (in my less humble opinion). I went over it pretty well, roof to axle. There was just nothing to work with. Darn it ! It was just the size I want. I don’t want fancy, I sure don’t want big OR NEW. I like old – I’m OLD. Luxury I’ve experienced for brief moments and wasn’t impressed (maybe due to the briefness)(chuckle). I guess what I’m looking for probably isn’t available for what I’d pay but I’ll keep looking. It’s not a bucket list item- I’ve had several small campers and redone at least two– it’s more like an “anti-bucket list”. When you figure THAT out let me know- Be gentle, I’m fragile HA HA HA
In the mean time I have things to attend to here (old #5), plenty to attend to on my fleet of two antique vehicles and besides that it don’t take much to keep me involved, moving, active and the needed projects on “old #5 go on & on & on. Ain’t my first really old building or old vehicle either but it IS my first time being an antique.