Wednesday, August 23, 2017

See folks, I'm trying to keep "The News From Here" alive. See from fb

An interesting thing about the actual picture is, I didn't remember it or have a copy of it. I remember the occasion but the picture was in my sister's collection of family pictures (in WV) that was sent to me by her husband after her passing. Thanks Bill! D. W. Pruitt. There were other treasures in the collection also but with this one there are NO sad memories associated - all good and fun times with wonderful people. Thanks Folks

Well today ended up about as productive as I can reasonably expect from ME. Nothing of real interest to anyone but me but I WAS active and I can relate the results after being summoned to the front door (rarely used)by a mad Mesa Cop. I hadn't moved my cars for the completion of the "chip & seal" process. When I went out to move them back to their regular spot last night the "NO Parking" signs had been moved from the street to up into the blvd and sort of randomly placed but not in front front my of MY place. It was dark and I couldn't read the hand printed part of the sign. WHOOPS. The cop said "I'm been beating on your door for a couple of hours." I DIDN'T correct him - I'd been out there a couple of times watching for the paving trucks. Timing may not be everything but it IS important plus it's never smart to argue with a Mesa cop. Long story made somewhat less long - he & I got along fine after my apology then a "parking violation cop" showed up". Wooo- that almost ended it dramatically. She came at me with threats and accusations and general B. S. The cop just stood there and I was thinking -This person has a problem-. Finally without her participation I asked to remove my vehicles and asked for a suggestion as to where to put them. She went off again. I asked again if I could just move my vehicles now-she went off again,I did but I didn't forget! If you want to piss someone off just keep on being stupid BUT I restrained myself and only communicated with the cop- I think he was embarrassed to be dealing with her too. It was bad enough. As of this moment both vehicles are parked OFF the street entirely- I just hope my neighbor who has LOTS of problems backing out doesn't hit the Scout. He's not a bad guy, just doesn't back up well- Well I guess I should understand - I don't "back up" from issues well either.
One day at a time, Yep let's have another "go" at it. Whatever "it" turns out to be. Oh I have a plan, not that I'm really sure what it involves yet. I know there is one I'm just easily diverted - Right! "diverted" sounds so much better than "wondering around bumping into stuff". Well We'll See - I may get back to "The News From Here" and report on that.

I'm afraid that my plan might just be to "wondering around bumping into stuff" and I won't admit it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

8:00 PM The vehicles are back out front but it doesn't look like they got much done on the street. Chip & seal process. The far lane is done but with 60' wide streets that's just a start. Oh Well they didn't put No Parking Signs in front so. . . who knows what is going on.
I am again making a monster project out of an hour + job. Putting new shade tarps up for the West wall. I know why - I'm picky and always trying to make it work or look better. Add that I've never found an easy way to accomplish the task or even have a system that I "approve" of. Oh I make it work but
Got a couple other small things done but not enough - The real bottle next is approaching VERY rapidly, LAUNDRY. It's just a matter of getting up a little earlier than typical for me and loading it up, making sure I have some cash in my pocket and doing it. If I have giant laundry (like now) or a small laundry it takes 2 hours- So What's the big deal. Frankly I don't even mind the doing of it once I get started -
Well this has sure been fun NOT (chuckle) I ?thought? I could come up with somethings more interesting than griping and laundry discussion. I guess not. So I'll just add
Good Night
Took care of some business, had breakfast and visited with a buddy for a while. Not a bad morning but now my motivation is more toward finishing a good book. Yep that’s what I going to do and then maybe I’ll be more inclined to work.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

OK so I didn't get the shade back up BUT it's clean. Maybe tomorrow afternoon for the shade. (or not)

You are absolutely correct - some BEFORE pictures would have added something.

See the morning post below

Whoops AGAIN. Maybe I should shoot for a 3 times a week posts? Ha Ha I know what would happen then- it would be a once a week post and soon it would be no posts.
It’s a quiet Sat, morning at old #5 and the streets around it. Not a bad thing at all. I “got her going” yesterday. Yard work- I’ve really been lax at that and I KNOW I just end up paying for my lax-ness. So I’m in payback mode now. I was going strong yesterday afternoon when I realized that Bill & Dawn were leaving early this morning for a short vacation. Halt production. I hadn’t seen them in a while so I dropped all the tools and went over to wish them a safe and happy vacation. By the time I got home darkness was approaching and my body was complaining. With those two factors I just unplugged and hide the equipment, took a shower and headed for the courtyard – book & beverage in hand along with bean dip and some GREAT Green Chili and Garlic salsa & chips. Even for a Friday night it wasn’t a bad way to wind up. Exception follows- I HAVE to finish up this morning – tools everywhere – it’s dumpster day and I ONLY have one full. You See Using them both helps me not gripe so much for HAVING to pay for both of the dumpsters. (smile) Sometimes I REALLY have to stretch to generate motivation.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Late Breaking Special Report from 08/15/2017

Thanks be ! I lost all of my excuses today for not doing much. Now I’m not only clueless but I’m excuse-less too. Doctors report after all the lab work and the exam- “you are in exceptional condition, for a man your age.” Now she could have left off that last part (chuckle) but I didn’t complain. She did ask if I would take some specific vitamins if she prescribed them – due to myself indulgent life style. (chuckle) She didn’t SAY “due to my self indulgent life style” but the insinuation was pretty clear. What could I say “sure” if they don’t taste bad.” I didn’t say that either but . . . (chuckle)

Probably NOT a (chuckle) but at least a smile- In celebration I decided to go to the Legion for a while. Actually the doc recommended the legion as a social outlet and or a pet. I didn’t hear the second part very well so she must not have felt strongly about that. (Ha Ha Ha) (I figured you were probably tired of (chuckles))

Darrel Achenback (SP?) How many have you ever known? Have you ever know one from Central IA? Have you ever known a Darrel Achenback that was from Central IA AND a career policeman? As I was telling (re-telling likely) a buddy about Darrel & I bringing the 6 Million dollar CASH payroll to ‘’’Ft. Leonard Wood in the back of an old worn out Military Police car. Doc said WAIT A MINUTE did you say Darrel Achenback? He said “a tall thin guy – career cop? “Yeah that’s him why?” He said “I worked with him several times” . Imagine that ! Well neither of us really could but we compared the profiles we remembered and YEP, Had to be the same one. After almost 50 years and almost 2000 miles – Well Darrel you were remembered today by a couple old friends - kindly and with lots of respect – wherever you are now.

Below is The News From Here from this morning