Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday 8:45 PM
Well today was certainly different than Sat. I started off with going to breakfast- I do that meal ‘out’ more often than any. I mean scrambled eggs, has browns, 8 little Silver Dollar sized pancakes with sausage for $4! Sometimes after I fix breakfast at home I’d sure pay $4 to get the kitchen cleaned up again. I drove by a couple of garage sales and stopped at a thrift store. Wasn’t even tempted to buy anything. That’s good because I have a lot of ‘excess stuff’.
Then it was strictly kickback with the Kindle. And computer Backgammon from time to time. Oh Yeah! I did glue a piece of chrome trim that was coming loose on the Merc. I’d not been happy if it had come off zipping down a freeway. It would have been exceedingly difficult to replace. That old Grand Marquis has way too much chrome on it and most of it is exclusive to only THAT MODEL & year. I had trouble all day remembering what day of the week it was. I was pretty sure it was Sunday but not REALLY sure – didn’t feel right for a Sunday Ha Ha Ha –.
OK OK splain to me how a Sunday feels. I think Johnny Cash tried that once and made a lot of money doing it pretty well.
Well If the Good Lord is willin, I’ll get a fresh week in the morning at learning or doin or Hopefully both at whatever. I sure got a lot started so getting anything DONE is a major accomplishment to me.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Saturday 10:00 PM
Oh Boy, What an evening- after leaving the Legion looking forward to a nice time with a book it was all interrupted by weird behavior on Center St. A new M. B. SUV parked where it had no right to be parked and the operator talking on the a cell phone. I waited till his conversation was ended and signaled I wanted to talk. He got out with his ID in hand ‘Private Investigator”. I asked “you having a problem? He said “no we’re just doing a surveillance on the church across the street”. It’s NOT a church- it’s civic center for the church up the street. B.S. ALERT B.S. ALERT I replayed that with what I’ve lived here a long time & I’m prepared. His comment was “Yes I expect you are.” Within the next ½ hour they changed surveillance vehicles 3 times – Ready? All new SUV’s PLUS a black Crown Victoria thrown in. By then I’m getting a grip on the situation. I been around the horn once or twice. I went and prepared myself- I’ve also been on a few poorly run surveillance experiences – ONE included my best buddy falling through a ceiling during a stake out. Well that’s all funny NOW – wasn’t then. . . The last guy was a rather large ‘?’ gentleman approaching me and saying “ya got a problem”, My reply was “Nope, if you have ID” I’m bypassing the part about my 900 lumin hand light in his face and a .45 on my belt. I didn’t like Bounty Hunters in old time cowboy stories. Oh I’m not saying there isn’t a need for them today- I’m just saying – be honest. Be sneaky then Beware . I’m not the only crazy old man out there but I may be the craziest. Ha Ha Ha Oh Heck didn’t even mention the trip to the fighter plane and vintage car show this morning – As Roger pointed out “how can you pass up a car show, vintage fighter plane show and breakfast for $8.00. I COULDN’T. I didn’t I don't intend to either -

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thursday 9:30 PM
A sticky day but I lost very little blood. Yeah I trimmed cacti and fought with battery powered tools. It seems they may not like summer weather in Central AZ. They get warm and stop working but then they are old. One battery ISN’T OLD but it does the same thing. Oh yeah the cacti – some are getting very tall (12'+) and are close to sidewalks. I do have concern about them falling on someone. Mostly during high wind conditions and we HAD THAT today. Generally just breezy but a couple Desert devils went though this afternoon. I’m glad I was about finished for today. The devils don’t last long nor are that large in scale. In fact one went through today and was barely shaking the leaves across the street. Along about that time I took a break and went in the bar for a glass of refreshment. I noticed that the computer screen was black and the tiny indicator light was just barely winking at me on the monitor. Oh Oh! A half hour of checking and I discovered the monitor was the problem. I could access the computer from the house computer via the network. After trying everything I could think of the old one just wouldn’t come on. I had ONE left in the office that hadn’t been turned on for a very long time and has a small scratch on the screen. OK – WHAA WHOO. The sun shade on West side of the building facing the patio & courtyard is in ribbons after the wind today. I have had replacements for quite a while now but have held off due to the winds. I don’t think I can hold off much more (at all). They are not expensive but they are a pain to change.
Well that was pretty much MY Thursday. I’ve surely had much worse but I’ve had some better. Given a choice I’d go for the better but I’ll handle whatever comes up next.
Tomorrow is Friday then it’s the weekend! Yippee! I keep forgetting everyday is Saturday at my house (chuckle). I think I’ll stick with the ‘Yippee!’ concept, mentally anyway seeing as how it pays the same and ‘Yippee!’ usually, is a lot more fun than ‘Oh woe is me’. Ha Ha Ha
Somehow I expect that being out during a couple wind storms and trimming cacti and other similar projects that a shower is called for and anticipated with some degree of comfort & relaxation. Ah then the horizontal position!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tuesday 8:30 PM
Greeting from where mid to high 90’s is time to play! I thought the day was going to pass me by till about 3:00 pm and my ‘get her done’ kicked in. Good thing I had a plan (Ha Ha Ha). Well I DID I just didn’t really expect to accomplish it. I did but unfortunately ‘it’ didn’t include laundry – darn. I went by the laundry twice and it was almost full both times but HEY! I made the bed all clean and fresh. I DO wish I were all clean and fresh. Laundry isn’t critical YET
Oh Boy is that easier I finally remembered my computer glasses!
Now I’m pretty sure I know what I;’m typing as I tope ti.
I actually went to “Big Lots” looking for a trash can for re-recyclables- I threw something in mine and the it cracked around the top - Gurr - OK time for action! EXCEPT I don’t WANT a black trash can for any trash – might be OK for the outside kitchen but NOT inside (not sure about that even). It used to be fun going to Big Lots but they have changed to up scale I guess- but- BLACK TRASH cans.
I have read about the issues of long hot showers – Excuse me but maybe they have never lived and worked outside in an arid climate or did things what were dirty and sometimes greasy or saw blood dripping from their body and wondered “where the heck is that coming from.” I have a beautiful Purple Texas Sage in the front yard among the cacti – it’s appropriate other than it has no thorns (chuckle). I guess it doesn’t NEED thorns Ha Ha Ha
Well that IS indeed “The News From Here” for tonight except for the ‘long HOT shower’ thing and that ain’t none of your business. Ha, Made me smile. . .

Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday 9:30 PM
Ya know it’s been dry in Central AZ when I’m out watering cacti – Dry & breezy (WINDY). OK so that isn’t remarkably unusual. The cactus won’t die but they start looking like of pathetic and I can tell. Arms start to droop and some pieces fall off etc. And then there were these bugs! I only had bug issues on cactus that were Mealy Bugs & termites. These were NEW to me and there were a LOT of them. They WERE about a half inch long, a triangle or shield shaped body with 6 legs and two curled feelers and their body was exactly the color of the cactus. Later I found that the color of their body changed when they escaped the cactus & poison I found for them. Over 20 years with exclusively Cacti in front and I’d never dealt with them before. The poison I got was for food crops so it doesn’t remain potent long but so far they haven’t returned and they starting running immediately. Speaking of Cacti and food I used to have families come during spring to harvest Prickly Pear Pads regularly. Strange it’s been a few years and a couple of the families I remember from year to year. Nice folks – our conversations where brief because I don’t speak any Spanish and they didn‘t speak much English but we could communicate. Sort of miss them. Makes me wonder what happened? Oh Well, almost everything makes me wonder about something.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Saturday 9:30 PM
ref; Friday FAILED TOTALLY on loading the dumpsters! The “tarp shade” is even worse that before. BUT HEY, excess inventory DIDN’T INCREASE ! (smile) but the WIND is settled down! Obviously I didn’t have ANY input into that but I’ll gladly accept it with Thanksgiving.
I went to “Sam’s Club for smoke tubes & coffee. A circle of the parking lot proved just HOW bad an idea THAT was. I guess I’ll be forced to have breakfast without coffee or go out etc.- I knew what to expect -
Naturally I went by Bill & Dawn’s (2 blocks away from Sam’s). I generally do that on Sat. morning or Sunday. That turned into a trip to the “Pork Shop” close to Queen Creek. Spicy or mild pork in about every form imaginable. Spicy Summer sausage, Bologna of every style EXCEPT the over processed mush that passes for Bologna to many. Some Brat’s etc. A nice little trip with a stocked fridge & freezer to remember it by. Not to mention supper, if you throw in some cheese, crackers, spicy Honey Mustard and pickles & olives and a bottle of ZYWICE.

After getting my pork supply stashed in the fridge/freezer I went to the Legion to check in (Ha Ha ). Short stay but more about that later.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday 9:00 AM
WHOOPS where did Thursday’s post go? I know it started it a couple of times. I don’t recall finishing it – mystery solved. . .
I have some supplies to pickup and a Birthday card for my granddaughter which is going to be late. Again.
Wind predicted today not breezy - WIND but not destructive hopefully. The tarp shade in front of the back door and bar door are trashed but still covering about 70%. I am NOT going to tackle replacing them yet. I’ll endure the redneck atmosphere of strings, sagging tarps & missing grommets from damaged shades till this windy session is over.
My attempts at attacking my 'keeping excess inventory' (usable junk) tendencies as been totally unsuccessful. Time to re-affirm my commitment and load garbage containers and maybe even the trailer. Well See how that goes THIS time.