Tuesday, January 16, 2018

6:35 AM

Good Morning. I see that it’s been almost a week since the last “The News From Here” post. Well that just ain’t right. Been some good times and then some of the other in that week. Some of the ‘other’ I handled pretty well and some, well, I’m still fighting with. Hum - sounds like my autobiography in one sentence and a little like ‘just life.‘
Once again my back decided it was time for me to readjust. Then while I was readjusting again I ?thought? I’d found the proper treatment after all these years. I ?thought? It was to sit or semi recline for 20-30 minutes and then walk (carefully) for 5-10 minutes. Wow Saturday that seemed to be working so well. Sunday – not so well. Come Monday, WHOOPS, right back where I was. Several times in the last 50 years, I ?thought? I had a plan/treatment that would help. Fortunately the frequency of occurrences has diminished. Dare I say that out-loud? Yeah I do !
OK I’ve been sitting (sort of) for long enough- the sun is up and I can move. SOO MOVE ! GET OUT THERE and KEEP MOVING.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

9:15 PM

It’s been a day! Some good, some tough and a lot of thinking about a lot of stuff. Right now I’m TIRED, very tired but not ready to turn in besides I’m still dirty from some dirty work. I helped a friend clean out a storage building of a very good friend of his that I was acquainted with. Not sorry about it at all. Glad to help and a good reminder to get stuff cleaned up and gone from “old #5”. Whoo, Have I got the nerve to even say that? Well obviously I do, I just did. BUT, you see, I came home with MORE stuff. Stuff that, mostly, I will use – I think! Ha Ha Ha. Hey! I got more landscape lighting “stuff.” Yeah I’ll probably use it. When? You may well ask. ___________________ (note extended period of silence). Anyone want some landscape lighting ? I like using it for others as long as I’m USING it. Just another of my strange “ways” but I’m sure you didn’t know that, Right? Ha Ha Ha
Wow almost 10:00 PM but there’s a car show on TV so my attention is divided – What else is new? I haven’t watched this much TV in months. May not again for a long time.
I ?think? I’ve identified the drip under the Scout – it’s oil. I thought for years that I need to re-seal the tappet covers. I can’t find HOW the oil is getting to the ground from the tappet covers so I’m NOT jumping on that project. Obviously I’m not certain yet but I’m really at a loss at this point. It’s not a big deal but I WILL correct it. There may be only one thing that owners of Harley Davidson's & International Harvesters have in common. They are all chasing oil leaks, always.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

7:00 AM

I noticed a small puddle of some kind of fluid under the Scout. For years that was very common but slowly I thought I was getting them fixed. The Scout’s usual parking place has a slight downward slant toward the passenger side front. The puddle was NOT big or wide or deep but the real problem was/is I can’t tell what the fluid is. Oh I know ‘stick my finger in it and smell it’. Tried that! I can’t tell – I’ve never had that engine cleaned professionally. Some old school car guys will tell you that cleaning one just makes leaks. I’ve never been of that persuasion. I figure their idea of creating a leak is actually just removing built up grease and grime allows a leak to drip freely and reveal it’s source instead of being soaked up by the gunk and dissipated so much you don’t notice it. If you DO notice it, you really have a ‘time’ finding it as it’s spread all over. Long story made a little shorter – I cleaned (sort of) some places that are very hard to get to and took it for a test drive. Got back and parked it in it’s usual spot. After several hours I didn’t SEE a leak. When it’s light outside I’ll check it again. It seems to be coming from a spot that could provide a leak of engine oil, gas or even coolant. That keeps it interesting! To me anyway, but not a “Happy” interesting though.
Rain is predicted for this evening and tomorrow. We COULD get up to 1/4 inch, Whaa Whoo ! ! ! Unfortunately some strong breezes will likely accompany that moisture. The giant Cottonwood tree next door with about 70% yellow leaves from the last cool period. That means that I will have another project of cleaning up the fallen leaves before they get embedded in and around my desert landscaping. Oh Well – I do have experience at that and it isn’t rocket science but it is time consuming and dirty. Hum I guess that’s MY KIND of project.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

7:30 AM

I have survived another Holiday season. I suppose I’ve developed some sort of susceptibility or weakness toward it. Thinking back, it goes back a very long way and is very deeply seated. I don’t spend a lot of time “back in time”. To some extent it could be thought of as masochistic. (chuckle)
Ha Ha Ha the preceding paragraph made me snicker to myself. Having just typed it out, it’s is an example of ‘going in a circle makes it tough to get ahead.’
It IS Sunday morning and I am going to church and I DO need to prepare – Sweats and house slippers are inappropriate for ME when going to church. Some folks are comfortable doing it I guess. I sure don’t do the suit & tie thing and maybe some portion of physical preparation might also be mental preparation or I’d like to think so.
I roasted a big Kosher Beef hot dog over my evening fire last night. I had dill pickles, sauerkraut, hot sweet mustard on a great bun. It was all I needed! The odor of the hot dog roasting lingered and prolonged the pleasure. Well Yeah – it might have just been in my head – that is where my nose is located.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

A typical trip to the Legion this evening EXCEPT there were only about 10 or 12 folks there. Not all bad for my purposes, a small pitcher, a nice bar maid and a(great) fish Taco. When gauged by distance from "old #5" and competition in the area- What a deal. Then a BBB Evening! Still adjusting I guess. . .

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

9:00 PM

Doc Watson again after a couple hours of JJ Cale. Well Yeah, That’s variety.
That moon is still pretty impressive and enjoyed by yours truly AGAIN. Imagine that?

If I could keep from making changes/?improvements in the shop I’d have really gotten a lot done today. Well I did get a lot done just wasn’t WHAT I’d planned. I light that sucker up for evening and night work. Ha Ha Ha Just typing that made me realize how silly that is. Like I’m going to work out there at night. Well even I don’t know- Hey, Ya Never Know! I just hope it’s by choice and NOT from necessity.
There is a fire burning in the old fireplace in the courtyard and there is a glass sitting right next to my chair. Doc Watson, - ‘Walk On By’ . I suppose you COULD find something comparable but would it fit in front of a Blazing fire, good Book and a Beverage? (bb&b) If you’ll be good enough to excuse me I’m returning to my semi-recliner and B,B & B.
Happy New Year! If I haven’t said that before- Kind of a rough season for old Crusty – nothing new just the latest version. I guess that can’t help but sound like a lot of negativism but it’s more like “OK, that’s whats going on. Almost like a relief – Been wondering what was going on. . .

Thursday, December 28, 2017

6:00 PM

Why yes, me & old Scout got some wood today and we both preformed fine. I got that load shown plus a 40 gal. can of kindling-that doesn’t even need re-cut. I also got the outer area of the shop cleaned up and started well on the putting away. The ‘putting away’ is the hard part- no place to put it. I keep telling myself “if I can’t see needing it in 3 months PITCH IT.” Then I remembered I’d re purposed some old hand truck tires to have a portable firewood rack TODAY. Didn’t even have to make a trip to the hardware store or a parts store. I now have a pile of tiny tires and some wheels to figure out where to stash or MAYBE not. I can feel the evening chill moving in BUT A FIRE is all laid in and ready PLUS a fresh book downloaded. I need to go in and turn on a little heat, clean up & put on some sweats and figure out what to snack on in front of the “Blazing fire, Beverage and Book.