Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Well now I’m not real sure what to think of that- Supper- fresh raw bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, broccoli plus some crackers and dip and then,. and then – some almost rare thin slices of prime rib. Wee doggie I am full. How could I overlook a mug of “old Rasputin Stout. Chuckle- I didn’t overlook it, I fully enjoyed it.

Getting breezy out and cooling down some. If I’m considering a fire outside tonight I WILL be careful of the wood I grab and re-split. The last fire I had was problematic- I saw one stick of wood was different than the Juniper I was burning. It was DIFFERENT- I don’t know what it was but it was smokey and dirty burning. Left it’s evidence all over everything. I got it all cleaned up but I don’t want any more of whatever it was.

I got the laundry done this morning BEFORE it became a massive en-devour BUT my bed isn’t made yet. (chuckle) I need to adjust my routine and make the bed as soon as I strip it and THEN go do laundry. Ain’t like I’m short of bedclothes.

Another tangent of having done the laundry is I bought some new “T” shirts! I re-purposed into cleaning rags some after doing the laundry. Then I started trying to remember the last time I bought NEW “T” shirts- NOT from a thrift store or garage sale. I can’t remember when it was, not even those with “sprint cars” or race tracks featured. Not being able to remember could be attributed – getting older, it not being a high priority, or it could be just that it’s been a really long time. I may have washed the last remaining pair of socks that I bought from the PX at Ft. Lost in the Woods, Mo back about 1967 thru early 69. I DO KNOW they don’t have many more laundry’s to go. (chuckle) I DO still have the “Rancher’s style hat I bought at the Richland Dry-goods Store. It’s been re crowned a couple times but it’s back to it’s original, traditional beauty. Crazy old man. . .

Monday, March 27, 2017

Once again I find myself getting pretty lax with The News from Here. It’s sort of like a phase I go through occasionally. Usually it’s too much on my mind. Well I’ll admit my mind has been a busy place of late. Not all bad or difficult stuff but certainly there was some mixed in but also some good too. That should offset it you’d think.

I declare the “new to me” evap. cooler finished. Well the face is warped & cracked and Gorilla glue didn’t fix it. It’s together but it’ll need a knob with an extended shaft to make turning it on/off or changing speeds easier. I’ll keep my eyes open for one.

While hitting some garage sales Sun. I found a set of tires that would work well on the Scout but they are on Jeep wheels that I don’t have any use for nor do I want to go through trying to get some of my money back by selling them. The “old boy” that has them said he’s ready to see them out of his garage and they are only 4 year’s old- beats the ones I have that are about 12 years old – not good in AZ – and then I forgot all about them till this evening. I should have talked to my tire store guys today about making the “old boy” an offer.

I got the dining room side patio cleaned up today. What a mess ! Leaves and Bougainvillea peddles literally several inches deep in many place and it all covered with a heavy layer of dust & dirt. Boy oh boy is that hot water and soap needed tonight.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

All is functional with the “new to me” evap. Cooler. Not only functional but almost all the over spray (exterior of house) and (interior) paint globed around the face is removed. It stands well in it’s frame and rolls easily. I still plan to paint the frame I made but after the wind dies down and it’s warmer It’s functional and I HOPE it’s effective when it gets hot again without a feeling if sitting in front of gale force wind.

Cool and breezy out now- I may have to re-split a chunk of wood to make a fire- imagine that!

I GOT THE JOB! (chuckle) They leave for almost ½ the year so I have some job security (chuckle again). Gerald asked how much I wanted to do it and I said whatever your expecting to pay- “I’m doing it because we’re neighbors and I can, not for the money.”

Tomorrow is my traditional cleanup around “old #5” day. I think I’ll try to re-establish that tradition starting tomorrow. I feel like I need to start some routines, something I’ve pretty much abandoned of late. Routines are not something I nurtured or appreciated most of my life but I’ve learned that they provide some sense of comfort and something else I can’t really describe. Maybe it’s just not having to figuring out what I’m going to do for a day or two a week. I don’t have to become a slave to my routines, just use them, – I might find I actually get more done with less frustration. I’d like that. (chuckle) Thinking that reminds me of book I read a couple of years ago called “Habits.” It made SOME sense to me at the time.

Well, if I’m going to have the option of having a fire outside tonight (after a snack and a shower) to the enhance my evening and offset the chill I need to prepare now.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Well I made it through today, so far. Totally sidetracked from the earlier plan to build a cooler stand BUT I got as far as having a pile of material laying out back before the detour. I’m hot & sweaty, short of fuel (need to eat something), and I’m tired. Sound like complaining? Not So ! Actually a better day than I was preparing myself for. Nothing like trying to help a friend to distract myself.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll hit the cooler stand? Or not. This summer weather had made the grass grow – seriously. It’s also awakened the tomatoes and pepper plants. Thankfully.
To DO list- fix the “ hot & sweaty”- shower time, eat something and grab the Kindle go to MY “outback” knowing that my bed is close.
Going to be pretty tough to keep my mind and my body headed the same direction today. My mind keeps slipping back off in time and my body can't make up it's mind whether it wants to get busy or grab a book and hibernate. I'm fairly sure that second body direction isn't the answer. SO I think I'll tackle the evap. cooler project.

Here is the cooler it's 44" tall and designed to mount against a wall blowing inward. That ain't the plan. The plan is for it to be freestanding and portable. The real question is - to how great an extent do I want to go to make it less ugly from the side that was intended to NOT be exposed.
OK this seems to be working - away I go

Monday, March 20, 2017

Word was received today that indicates I am the sole survivor of Bert W. Waggener (my Dad). I got word from friends in Bunker Hill, via an obituary in the Telegraph, that my sister passed on the 15th.

Strange – did I mention she and my brothers (both long gone) were my ½ siblings on Dad’s side. Those things I didn’t even know till I was probably 10-12 years old and they had all moved out. Frances & Joe were twins and Roy, the oldest. They were 10 & 11 years older than me. Actually thinking back it’s all more like a book I read long ago but yet. . .

Then there’s Sherry’s Birth date. Well that is another thing, but that one has been lurking in my mind for a while now and will probably continue though July. BUT I not just a pretty face- I’m a tough old rascal, Right? Hey That was a question weren’t you paying attention? I didn’t hear ya. . .

While at Dave’s house Sunday I scored a “new to me” evaporative cooler! I took it apart today to check it’s interior- parts and pieces and wear items. Fan-- Good, quiet and no starting problems with any of it’s 3 speeds, Pump –- usually stuck solid after sitting – clean and started right up, float valve still in question. I figured I clean it all out before hooking water up to it. Issues – It’s intended to be mounted to a wall and blow in through a window or hole in the wall. That ain’t my plan (imagine that). I am hoping it will help make the courtyard more comfortable when the temperatures get up over 110 degrees (f). That means I’ll have to build a portable stand for it. OK I’m up for that- the problems are mostly balance. It’s heavy on the side that holds the water and is about 40” tall. Should be fun COOL. . .

Whoow - It got dark while I was sitting here typing and distracting myself.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

What a weekend! Sat. afternoon with dear friends. Friends that even though I don’t see them often, they’ll always be dearest friends. Sunday afternoon two totally different dear friends who will always be dearest friends, and then, and then breakfast tomorrow with another dearest friend.
Aint got a hundred of them but I wouldn’t trade a single one of those I have for 100 or a million other ones.
Am I Blessed ?
If you don’t know the answer to that – You ain’t paying attention. (chuckle)
One regret – I couldn’t help my son with an automotive problem via phone. I think we may need to link up visually. Not that it would improve my mechanical knowledge / understanding but . . . I so understand needing to talk about the issue and bounce ideas back and forth.

There is a Birthday coming up on the 21th that I’m going to celebrate – Celebrate ? You ask? Yes ! I’m thankful that there was a (the) Sherry, Thankful that we has the years together that we did. Maybe it will help offset the other soon coming date that I can’t celebrate.