Monday, May 22, 2017

Kinda late for old Crusty to be trying a post for a Monday but we’ll see. I went to help Kurt get an AC unit in a not cooled room. It’s functional but he has a couple of small pieces of drywall to deal with and paint. It was a good day.

It was a good weekend- a cook out Sat at the Daniel’s and Sunday some much needed housecleaning here- little of which was inside. I was just Thankful I felt up to it again. I have totally ignored my (computer) network issues till my mind was more ? ? ? Something. Tomorrow I plan to load up all the “old” computers around here and haul them to an outfit that either repairs and gives then to those that need one or salvages them for any sell-able raw materials in them. I have a BUNCH that WILL fall into the last category. They give a certificate of security for the stored data that they use a magnet to erase the data first thing. Next up are some OLD monitors that NO ONE wants for anything ? ? ?

My gold is to rid myself of junk of which I have a LOT and aim for less of a hoarder role . . . (chuckle)

I need to be in the market for a car- my old Ford is approaching a point of almost no return. I just can’t get into it! I don’t want a newer car that I don’t even recognize the basic components nor do I want a high dollar collector car. Not like that’s an option anyway . Yeah I know “small needle in a LARGE hay stack” but. . .

OK I’m still dirty and sweaty and I ready for bed but NOT in THAT condition- Yeah – a HOT shower with lots of soap and a big glass of cool water then maybe a couple of fingers of smokey Bourbon to ease the transition from vertical to horizontal OR maybe to go with a book out in the courtyard. Yep that second option is sounding good -

Friday, May 19, 2017

“The News From Here” does seem to be struggling. The weeks seem to dissolve into the atmosphere without leaving a trail even. Yeah. Yeah we all have times like that I know but what amazes me so MUCH are the hours that are sometimes so LONG. I know that it is NOT an isolated situation yet it’s causes my mind to wonder and you are correct that it doesn’t take much to cause that to happen.

My “new to me” Microsoft certified refurbished computer arrived this morning. It’s fine- but I’m not. I did something wrong! Oh it does everything it should well BUT I did something to the network configuration. All three computers on the network access the internet via the network fine but won’t recognize each other. I know I messed up with my computer naming – I’ve moved them around a lot and frankly forgot about the importance of each “computer naming.” Oh Well- I CAN change the names and start all over and probably will resort to that but it’s a little complex- I hate complex – always have and as the years have accumulated, I hate it even worse. (chuckle)

My most respected and endeared bro-in-law assembled a package of old pictures of my siblings while making the move to assisted living and selling his house etc. OK that wasn’t too exceptional EXCEPT he sent them to me. I so appreciated his effort especially as his life has totally changed in the last few months. I MUST AND WILL stay in contact with him. No one during my life has reminded me so much of my dad in ways that are valuable, respected and worthy. So much so that I’m humbled and ________ , something I can’t find the correct word for right now. His life has not been easy and he has excelled and retained his convictions and personality. I know about going through old pictures and struggling with not being able to trash them yet no one else would want them yet I can’t throw them away – YET. All that may seem morbid to some – not to me at this point. Anyway back to the pictures- I have a niece who is very family orientated and the pictures are mostly of her aunt & uncle that she didn’t even know well. I notice an excessive-use of “yet” in the preceding paragraph- I think that is unrealistically optimistic BUT. . . (chuckle)

I think I won’t re-proof this post- it has served it’s purpose and hopefully gotten some things out of my mind without messing up my outlook- WHOO ain’t that a challenge ! Ha Ha Ha

Monday, May 15, 2017

Quiet peaceful weekend around “old #5”. Wasn’t too bad- I’m afraid I’m getting too good at that. (chuckle) NO! Not complaining just observing changes as time goes along. I AM getting WAY to comfortable just sitting in the courtyard with a book.

Today I AM going to accomplish SOMETHING besides eating breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen. I WAS going to trim cactus but it’s windy. Not a good plan as I’ve discovered before. Wind blows tiny fine cactus thorns more like tiny stickers that are very difficult to get out. That doesn’t really occur unless you are disturbing the parent plant.

A year or so ago I decided to get rid of some of the courtyard furniture – I did. Now I’m back do “where do put THAT?” This time though there’s nothing I want to get rid of (imagine that from me?) but it feels crowded and I don’t like that at all. If I come up with a ?plan? I’ll try to take pictures of the result. Other things are probably a much higher priority or should be but as long as I have something to show (show me) at the end of today I’ll be happy or at least not unhappy.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Hum I might have gotten a little carried away today. What was that “M” word that I keep forgetting? Oh well – no long term damage done but I might take it a little easier tomorrow or not. I did cause a problem down at my neighbor’s house. I was cleaning his yard and somehow I set off the alarm. I never touched the house but I did use to blower to clean off the window ledges and that might have shaken the window a little. I was pretty sure I’d done something when 4 Mesa black & whites pulled up. They weren’t very threatening when they saw I was armed with a high power yard blower though. Oh well - - - What can I say?

I’ve said it before but I apparently need to here it again. I wish I’d get in the habit of cleaning up myself just as soon as I knockoff work for the day. 10:00 PM and I REALLY need a shower- ain’t goin to my bed like this. . .

Thursday, May 11, 2017

You will all be glad to know that I got started earlier this morning. I was “gettin with it” before 10:00 AM (chuckle). I got the west facing shade cover finished. They are quite an undertaking as each time the tarps are up to 2” different and rarely close to perfectly rectangle. The local vendor of bungee rope hasn’t had any in a long time so other means of anchoring them was needed. I had about 45’ of new on MY shelf so that handled the center panel that needs to be able to “give” to release air pressure when it’s windy and the other two are held with solid with steel (rust resistant (we’ll see)) 15 gauge wire except for the front edge- I had enough bungee rope for its the “neatest looking” arrangement I come up with. I don’t expect to get a year out of the tarps due to lack of quality but if they make it through the summer I’ll be satisfied.

I made Nachos & chips with ground beef & beans for lunch and finished a book. Then back at “it”. Patios on both sides of the building are usable/presentable again. Took some doing after the weather we’ve had the last few weeks and me not feeling up for the task. I watered the plants in back and a few cactus in front or are in pots and some that seem to struggle without extra water. Yes it was getting dark by then but I feel better about “old #5”. After a shower I expect to take one of two actions- read outside till my eyes start closing or straight to bed.

A pretty good day.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ain’t this a switch – I ran out of daylight. Never been a late worker. I usually would prefer to start early than work late. A lot of periods in my life both were required but I didn’t really like that either. (chuckle) All that seems to have changed. Just can’t get interested early in the day but come late afternoon- look out (for a few hours anyway). I almost got the shade along the back West side redone but I just couldn’t see well enough. Oh I have all manner of portable lights but I WASN’T THAT much carried away with it. Maybe having everything laid out and 90% done will get me started in the morning. Ya Think, It COULD happen, Maybe.

I will add that the quality of polytarps of late is so bad that I need to consider other means of providing shade in important areas around “old #5.” The area I’m working on now I’ll probably try making a cover out of actual sunshade material. I used to be able to buy it in different levels of density but I don’t seem able to find it anymore that way locally.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy Monday Morning

Another miserable morning in central AZ. Sun shining, comfortable temperatures and all human/physical necessities available to me plus a lot of non essential stuff.

OK "old Crusty"
lets get with it- whatever "IT" turns out to be. Actually I find that having so many options for me is almost debilitating. OH NO don't get me wrong I LIKE it better than situations I've been in before- no options or at lease the sense of "no options." I just haven't learned to utilize all these options.

I have no idea where comment came from this morning

I did as close to nothing as I could stand over the weekend. That, my friends needs to STOP. Having said that I guess I'll launch the day -soon. (chuckle)I have tarps to replace, I have them in inventory. We had stiff breezes and significant gusts of wind for a couple of days just passed and some shade tarps did not survive well. That's OK, they had served me well for more than long enough to justify the investment both in labor to put them up and the cost to buy them.