Thursday, July 27, 2017

On Break- noon – till 1:00 PM

Breakfast and it’s associated dishes along with a few days accumulation of dishes done and put away, kitchen clean & vanity clean. Back patio entry swept. Nope, no company expected just for me. (chuckle) I wish I could extend that area today-
I really have a terrible time with paper work. I have no business, I don’t have any formal investments and I don’t, for sure, have piles of money to keep track of– I have three regular bills- utilities, cable TV, internet & land line, one bill and car insurance one bill– YET I have piles of paperwork and they are growing disproportionately to the business of living. Oh Yeah I COULD go paperless. THEY would all like that but so far they don’t offer any motivation $$$ for doing it. There are a couple of documents I need to locate and I’m not looking forward to the process. One, just because of the – what file did I create and where is it? The other is a “memories” thing. Both are important and I know I have both and I know within a 3’ (well maybe 4’) circle of where they are - It’s all the other stuff that I have to decide to either pitch or make sure they are clearly labeled – ready for next time. (chuckle). I’m leaning very heavily in the PITCH direction right now. I always START that way but. . . The dumb thing is I COULD just print or “save to” a years copy of each in list form and not keep the originals OR just pitch them all, just keep them till they are paid or taken care of THEN pitch them. I wonder if my sense of those options is valid? I REALLY wonder if it makes any difference.
9:00 PM Update

Not a bad day, I didn’t get the filing done but quite a bit of progress and that’s AFTER I got it spread all over the bed. I did get it picked up moved off the bed (chuckle) after a call from Bill to take part in Dawn’s Birthday celebration dinner, a most welcome invitation. Yes folks, in some cases I do have my priorities straight. Happy Birthday Dawn and Thanks for sharing it.
I’m going to run a very scientific experiment tonight and probably a couple of nights following. I’m going to set my AC thermostat down to 87 degrees when I go to bed. I usually leave it at 90 all the time. Yeah, Yeah I’m cheap but I also am an outdoors type and getting accustomed to what most folks keep theirs set at and then going outside can be very unpleasant. The reason really is, I’m aiming for a better nights rest. I don’t ?think? the temperature has kept me awake but a few times a night I was aware of it. Maybe enough to disrupt my sleep patterns. We’ll see if I have enough patience to carry it through to some conclusion. Ha Ha Ha
I probably won’t last long at it if I wake up chilled and looking for covers.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Whoops AGAIN. I missed a post – Yesterday. Today was about as unproductive as could be- not something I’m proud of AND concerning because it’s becoming the standard. Ah Well till it’s my last day, I’ll have tomorrow. Now my friends That IS profound (chuckle). No No No I’m not EXPECTING that to be anytime soon – Just sort of working stuff out in my head. Too much stuff in my head and not enough “head horsepower” to handle it I guess.

Muggy (for here) anyway – I know it’s THAT time of the year and it’s nothing like I have experienced but I may not be handling it as well as I once did (or remembered/thought I did). I was wondering about today and met the guys doing the electrical for the AC units next door. One didn’t look so good and I asked him if he was OK. “I may have gotten a little too hot on the roof” he said. OK come with me as his helper followed – I took them both to the courtyard where the cooler was running and got them each cool (not iced) water. We sat and visited a bit while both of them put away about a quart of water and cooled off. They agreed it was time to “call it” for today. I was glad to have been out and about wondering around. The one in worst shape was the driver and had about 30-40 minute drive to get them home. Maybe I did SOMETHING positive/productive today anyway.

Well my faithful and trusty loved ones, somehow even though I DID nothing today, again, except feeding my self, I, for some unfathomable reason, feel the distinct need of a shower before “calling it” for the day.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Evening Addendum 8:00 PM
Today the only undertaking was picking up a couple of items to supplement the kitchen inventory. From Sat. evening til this evening HAD to have been longer than the clock & calendar showed. I was positive it HAD to be Tuesday evening by now. Ya think I may be tired? I'm hoping for NO monsoon tonight and the forecast has minimized the chance from over 50% to under 15%. Hope they are correct. I feel a rant coming on so I think I'll substitute a very hot shower and a Good Night All.

Mr Monsoon arrived in Central Mesa quite successfully yesterday evening. He started out with significant wind and continued his performance through the night with continued rain. Once the rain started in earnest the wind diminished and that was his threat to “old #5”. I was out with nylon straps trying to secure the tarp carports. That was probably a silly gesture but it made me feel better. They survived, probably in spite of my efforts. It was the direction of the wind that was more concerning to me. It was directly out of the East and blowing right in the open end of the carport. Some modification is needed to my anchoring – we’ll see what I come up with.
The rain has begun again and it’s not just drizzle either.

Whatever I elect to undertake today will, HOPEFULLY, be inside. It just isn’t going to be dry enough for about anything except for staying cool.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

“If I’ve learned one thing in life it’s ____________ .” Ever heard someone say that? I’m sure I have, but frankly I can’t remember where or who said it. I’ve taken that expression and turned it to a “self warning” when I feel those words being assembled in my brain I go "WHOOPS, you are heading down a slippery slope, rocky road and a treacherous trail" . I guess it’s because I feel it’s an attempt to express some profundity for the sake of sounding profound or maybe to emphasize some point that I feel needs emphasizing and then realize I may already be on that slippery slope.
Here’s another one of those expressions that has slapped me in the face once or a million times “un-requested advice is always criticism”. I’m pretty sure I remember who I heard that from and I obviously NEEDED to hear it at the time and Thankfully. I have heard those words many times in my mind since. Again WHOOPS – Yep THAT’S what triggered the “If I’ve learned one thing in life it’s ____________ .” I was getting ready to formulate some “un-requested advice”. “ getting ready” was a down play of words for sure, I was well along the way down the slippery slope, etc. Thankfully I Heard a WHOOPS.

OK It’s Saturday night and I’m more or less comfortable in “Crusty’s Corner” and barring an emergency won’t be leaving “old #5” this evening but I do think I may hear a book and beverage calling me out to the courtyard.

WHOOPS it might be later than I thought - NO it is later than I thought - WHOOPS (chuckle)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Busy all morning - accomplishments were LAUNDRY & putting it all away then remaking the bed etc. Cleaning the AC filter & putting it back in after seriously cleaning the ceiling grill over it.
Around noon I started on the shop. I made some headway but I confess that with the 106 WITH humidity it was slow going. I should have fix up a fan or cooler FIRST- You'd think it was my first summer here. (chuckle) Summer - I don't mind so much but monsoon time -Well that's something else for me. I shouldn't complain as so far this year the worst I've had to show for it is leaves and trash in the yard.
I started on the shop right off I hit the problem - it's deciding what to pitch and what to try to find a place for. That being fairly difficult under idea conditions and even worse when there is NO PLACE for a lot of what's already there (chuckle).
Finally a while ago I just sat down in the courtyard with a book & beverage (in front of a fan). Zip there went the last hour or so of my day. I think a trip to the Legion might be in order AFTER a shower and some of that clean laundry I just put way.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Addendum time again 5:30 PM I can't believe that I spent HOURS going from


It might have been made worse by three factors 1) -It was a slightly different size than I usually get -different supplier. 2)I tried a new method of getting it in place - Actually it went OK sort of. The real issue is there isn't any room to work - The shop being enclosed an all sides and I have to work totally from inside the space and there is not any extra space, frankly not nearly enough. No "guy" would ever say his shop was big ENOUGH, Right?. (chuckle) 3)I can NEVER leave well enough alone gotta keep trying to make it work better. The unmentionable #4 might be that I'm a little slower than I recall being and take a lot more breaks but we won't put much stock in any of that -Right? This time it's fastened on two sides rigidly (as in no give) and two sides using 1/4" bungee cord. It IS monsoon time and we've had and continue to have a pretty stiff breezes - WIND - but nothing too bad but it DID start again about 1/3 way through the installation. Too many excuses? Ha Ha Ha Alas it's done for now and for a long time I hope. NOW (not this evening) it's clean up that mess of a shop time, But Darn, I know where most stuff is - or at least within a few feet of where it is - (chuckle)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Good Morning World! Yesterday went pretty well. I probably accomplished 3-5 hours work in 6. Hey That’s ain’t bad (for me). I didn’t loose much blood but I did need to do some hand washing to get a few spots out of a NEW “T” shirt I was wearing (foolish me). I’m not sure IF I could trim bougainvillea without shedding SOME blood. (chuckle). One got special had trimming. I plan on replacing a few section of what has served as fence along the East property line. Oh it IS fence but once we progressed beyond chainlink I added to the chainlink whatever I had or could afford to buy- That’s all pretty much trash and jink by now but it was WONDERFUL at the time. Each “improvement” of fence in that area has come at the price of some blood-literally as through the years the bougainvillea had been the privacy factor of the fence. At one time it was chainlink and bougainvillea totally. That time the cutting back and trimming was really tough- Slowly I’ve cut WAY back on using it.

I have been putting off installing the new tarp. for the shop. Just “cheap” I think. I know they don’t last and the monsoons are really tough on them BUT all the money I’ve spent for them wouldn’t have paid for the material to have a permanent roof. Currently cleaning up the shop and trying to get rid of and re-organizing isn’t a very pleasurable undertaking – closed in on all sides and without a cover means it’s HOT. I ?may? be working toward talking myself into that project for today. It WOULD be nice to have it done (chuckle) but getting a 12’ x 20’ tarp over the frame, over all the benches, power equip. and plain JUNK and then there’s all the “I’ll need that stuff someday – well, it’s tricky and THEN lacing it to the frame means ladder time with one foot on the ladder and the other on whatever can extend my reach. Shut-up Old Man- you are talking yourself out of getting IT DONE!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Late Breaking Addendum/

5:30 PM It's raining ! Well it WAS raining just about 30 minutes ago as I grabbed the drop cord, pulled the plug and wound it up fast. 90% done with the project of trimming the Bougainvillea and listening to the thunder and thinking "work faster Old Man." Not something I have much RECENT experience with - that work faster thing. I'm more into quality of workmanship these days (chuckle). It's still coming down but it would take a LONG time to get really wet. It's really the kind of rain that does some good here- Too slow and easy to run off. I won't water anything tonight EXCEPT ME ! I due.

Now back what I was thinking/typing this morning

I trashed out a post from yesterday. Just didn't like the tone of it. I think it was just an attempt to get a regular post going again. I'll admit that it has gotten very difficult and, frankly, I wonder why. Then I think about how much has changed and I start to make excuses to myself. The bottom line is I need to make a decision - Keep on or drop TNFH.I hesitate to just drop "The News" (1)It doesn't cost anything except my time and effort (2)It has served as a reminder to me of the passing of days - UN-noticed becoming weeks and soon months and a means of communication between a diverse group of my loved ones (3)It has (your turn)______________ . Unfortunately it has also become just words on a page that often don't fit together too well and whose purpose was simply have words on a page. All the preceding is brow beating and attempts to avoid the realization that I've gotten stale! Yes and not just "The News From Here", I'VE gotten stale and, honestly, I don't enjoy it much. Time to kick some butt and I know just whose to start with (chuckle). Get Going Old Crusty before you get anymore CRUSTY.