Saturday, December 16, 2017

9:00 PM

Wow I feel like it must be LATE? I guess it’s me that’s late but the hour isn’t (?). Well frankly that isn’t a 1st time revelation.
When I got up this morning I dressed for serious clean up of a couple areas. Didn’t happen. Still I wore old grubby work cloths all day. I may have to leave them outside - instead of smelling like smoke and after-hours barrooms they smell like motor oil and grease, & maybe over used work cloths & desert dust. None of which are pleasant for others I KNOW. I did get some UN-associated tasks & ”want to, need to’s” taken care of.
The evening turned into a decided B,B & B evening. The final ‘B’ in this case was a “Jack Reacher” ‘character’ book that I hadn’t read. The library must have gotten newer ones in. The comfort associated with the other two “B’s” was enhanced by a propane heater in the courtyard. Yeah I REALLY don’t like cold or even cool. Frankly not a ‘bad’ Saturday but certainly short on goal achievement – Hum, Wonder whose responsibility that is ? ? ?

Friday, December 15, 2017

10:00 PM

from my facebook -
I know you'll never believe that I changed my mind several times this evening but I DID. From a B,B & B evening in front of the fireplace to a (5 block trip) to the Legion. THEN I thought "I haven't eaten much today and the Legion is a good place to correct that. Oh Dear - Did I correct that! Are you ready for this? 3 sliders (your choice chicken (not an option for me) pulled pork or cheese burgers with fries. I told the waitress that I couldn't decide between pork & beef. She said mix them up! OK YOU decide between pork & beef. I almost took a picture of it when it arrived. Beautiful! Two cheese burger sliders and one pulled pork beautifully garnished and presented AND delicious BUT I couldn't eat it all- I actually left fries and one UN-touched cheeseburger slider. I couldn't believe it. Fantastic ! Now for the finish - $5 for the meal + $4 for a small pitcher forces me to be generous with the tips and gladly I might add. !

Other things- I’ve been on a roll – not much of a roll as compared to the younger version of me (as I recall, anyway (chuckle)). The roof project is waiting for the 30 day cure period before topping it with the final seal coat, material waiting in the shed. The back patio & courtyard are presentable after all the debris I blew off the roof. NOW it’s finishing with Christmas things and NO I don’t have colored lights up or a tree. (chuckle)

As I was blowing the dust, dirt and debris out of the courtyard across the sidewalk to the street I looked up and there was a young man walking through the storm. I looked up and said “I’m sorry about that.” He said “Hey, you're the man getting it done” with a big friendly smile on his face and kept walking & waving bye and it WASN'T a one finger solute either.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

8:30 PM

Got a call from Bill this morning as I was getting my act together (gathering tools & equip) to get on the roof. He said “I’m putting a beef roast in the slow cooker, should be ready around 4:00 come over.” Well that was easy “I’ll be there.” I got everything lined up and on the roof- 150’ hose with high pressure nozzle, broom, dustpan, empty bucket for trash, small hand tools to eliminate unused cable & phone wires etc. I paused and took a good look and the task ahead. WHOO I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer to tackle this project. No major damage YET but that section of the building is about 1500 sq. feet and has so many low spots from age that water had collected and caused the sealer to degrade and start cracking slightly. The obvious question was - Oh Oh Ya got a leak? Response “No and I don’t want one one either.” OK so washing the roof isn’t hard work but getting everything up there means a few trip up & down the ladder with ‘stuff’ and getting the hose (3 sections) up and turned on means a few trips by it’s self. Hey it is in the middle of a large city but that’s in the middle of a desert PLUS there’s a monster Cottonwood next door and a major construction staging area ½ a block down the street- dumping fill dirt and reloading for the light rail extension. Dirty ! Leaves in the corners and small limbs to clean up etc. At 3:22 it was ready to actually repair. WHOOPS THE ROAST WILL BE DONE SOON. A quick call “Is anyone else going to be there for dinner?” I’m dirty, shoes are soaked and I’m tired.” The reply “come on over.” I did! It was great PLUS dogie bags with Strawberry cake made to return trip in fine order.
Home again – The wind was not supposed to come up this evening! Wind = Dust = Good thing I left the blower and cord up there. I hope I don’t have to wash it again before making the spot repairs. Washing it again won’t be the job it was IF it’s needed. Hopefully it won’’t be needed. MAYBE just a quick hit with the blower will make it ready for spot repairs. When THAT’S all done I can clean up all the crap I washed off the roof that is on 2 patios and the sidewalks. Actually a great day- We’ll see if I feel the same way in the morning- chuckle -

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

10:00 PM

I attended an IH Scout club meeting this evening. There were ups and downs for me. Ups- great mix of people, from one old guy maybe even older than me. I remembered him from the last one I went to, probably 10 years ago. When I confronted him he said “I knew I’d met you but couldn’t remember where or when.” (chuckle) Another “up” was the group- What a mix. Young couples with small children, to, well a couple of us, really, old timers. The real down was only that I didn’t hear much. It was in a bar, music playing, typical bar noise, and I stayed back toward the rear in case it was too much “meeting.” Not the case. It didn’t take much to understand why all the ‘well seasoned’ ‘mature folks’ were sitting up close to the “head table”. The real kicker was, I was the only one there driving a Scout to the meeting. Very nice folks. Might even go back BUT sit all the way up front next time.

Monday, December 11, 2017

9:30 PM

In my struggling effort to maintain ‘The News From Here’ I will attempt to create a post this evening that isn’t ‘down & depressing’ or radically political OR totally boring . It’s that last part that’s REALLY challenging. See there even ‘old Crusty’ might be mellowing just a tad. Ya think? Hey it could happen.
After a great afternoon & early evening yesterday with all folks I dearly love I’d think it would be easy. Well, I’d be wrong, again. Another one of those things I do much better than I’d like. (be wrong that is)
I don’t think I’m succeeding at this point. Hum . . . guess I’ll ramble on as usual.
The fire burned down, back is way tired, BUT tomorrow I’m meeting another dear old friend for breakfast and then evening I’m going to a Sonora Desert I.H. Scout club meeting. I haven’t been to one in . . . so many years I can’t recall. You probably already know that ‘meetings’ are probably not my thing. Part of it is the need for socializing, part of it is my neighbor needs some Scout parts and he’s working till almost meeting time. We couldn’t get there in time and I HATE being late. I’ll see what I can get for him and hope I can endure a ‘meeting.’ We’ll see how that works out. . .
Just checking? Are you feeling better, sort of uplifted? NO! ! ! Yeah well it ain’t working so good for me too, well either.
Bottom line is I’d rather hit a rough stretch of road than have a loved one have to hit one but so far I haven’t figured out how to make that happen, EVER. Here’s the bottom line ‘Hang in’, ‘hold on’ and get her done! Sound like I’m preaching while standing bare footed on an ant hill?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

My limited social life tends to often have conflicts. Ha, Sort of like life in general, right? It pours down raining OR it’s dry and parched. A nice weekend anyway and a better than nice afternoon/evening. Now it’s getting well toward my self designated time of horizontal–ness. Early ta bed and early to rise ain't always that great especially when it's dark both times. (chuckle) Oh Well I remember going hand over hand following a drop cord under the snow up the hill to my truck to leave for work and coming home late and plugging it in again and following the cord back to the house long after dark. Other than being really cold most of the time even IN the old house in the hill. Someone, exceedingly special, was there waiting for me. Sometimes even I'm amazed by the lives I've lead, the (vocational & personal) roles I've have had. What a zoo it's been but there's been a lot of REALLY special people involved and, Well some other stuff that's MUCH better thinking about than living through. That statement probably covers a lot our all our experiences. . .

Thursday, December 7, 2017

I mentioned typing to Brian H and said someday maybe I'd tell him about how I started typing. I just sent an email with it TYPED out. Thought most everyone I know has heard it a few times but in case I missed someone or YOU forgot . . .

Typing- Not too long out of MP school I was assigned as an MP radio operator. Not like I had ANY input in it. I barely knew where the radio room was. The Desk Sgt. said "there's your chair and desk. This radio is Missouri HP in Rolla, That radio is county (Waynesville & St Roberts) and the last one is Ft Leonard Wood. There's the typewriter and here's your cheat sheet of call signs and instructions for the different procedures for the 3 agencies. You have to keep an accurate TYPEWRITTEN record of all events and transmissions. All the while directing our units as needed - Oh there's a map with all the patrol areas. Have a nice evening." LONG HARD nights learning all that and tons of notes kept and then entered in the log. Didn't take long for me to KNOW I would have to TYPE as it happened SOON. As I spent hours of MY TIME after my shift TYPING it all in the log. I'm still not fast or even accurate but I 'get her done' and I'm glad I learned a little typing. I was also even more glad to get out on the road and only have to type my incident reports but the typing made it a LOT easier. AAF735 Fort Leonard Wood's call sign?

Thanks for asking Brian. It was kind of fun to go back to SOME of those days.

"Double AF725, over & out"