Wednesday, November 15, 2017

8:00 PM
I was just thinking - “what on earth did I do this morning?” I’m kind of tired and a little down but what brought THAT on? Ha Ha Ha Would you believe LAUNDRY? Lots of laundry. Well it’s done for now! Not as smoothly as I usually get it done but never the less . . . I counted 30 shirts – and who forgot the hangers? Oh Yeah I do the laundry. Dumb diddly dumb dumb Actually I’m surprised when I think of how many times in my life that MY laundry was my problem. A Lot! Then the last 5 or 6 years – nope ain’t going there. . .

Now for the drum roll, Please, I put it away and made the bed when I got home. Usually about this tine of night I thinking “Why Oh Why didn’t you make the bed when you got home?” Have I mentioned “ Dumb diddly dumb dumb”?

It’s all my parent’s fault! Hey it works for society and society applies it to everything.

Naw- just because I remember pumping the water out of the well & heating laundry water on a kerosene stove and carrying it out to pour in the laundry tub. That’s memorabilia Right? I must be an antique but you didn’t know that?

Then there’s the lighter sides – Sherry & I doing laundry with Bruce & Jenny which often included getting thrown out of the laundry (Davenport IA). Oh did I mention the ice chest, small folding table and poker game? Probably not. . .

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

6:45 PM
OK so making a list and following it doesn’t make my shopping any (much) easier. Yeah, Yeah I’m picky. I wants what I wants when I wants it. Yeah that pretty well sums it up and it ain’t never in the same place. It seems like it’s been a VERY long day.

I turned over to a machinist the Winchester model 1890 single shot 22 shorts rifle. In the process I noticed several new, to me, issues. Naturally !
I said when it stops being fun - STOP. Reassemble it and it’ll go back to being a decorator piece. More as the drama develops.(chuckle)
Well my vandal has not reappeared in several days, I hope he has chosen more rewarding pursuits. Seriously I hope so, for HIM and Yeah a Little for me too.

Monday, November 13, 2017

6:30 PM

Well I finally got the courtyard and back patio clean enough to think about my “new to me” out door 8x10'patio rug. After a couple of extended conversations with neighbors both of which wanted to know “who’s been whacking your cactus?” Frankly I’m surprised anyone but me noticed. Might have been the signs I put up (chuckle) requesting that whoever is doing it refrain from doing it. No threats, or sermons just a statement about how I came to plant them and how long I’ve taken care of them . . . Do I think it’ll work? I doubt it but it seemed the ‘right’ thing to do AFTER a couple temper tantrums. Yeah I do have that temper problem and it can become a problem for ME. I can’t recall anytime that my temper helped with anything. A few times it was a last resort thing and it motivated me to take action that I probably should have taken long before it got to that point. Alas like so much flotsam it WILL sink away EVENTUALLY. Hum I think that’s the first time I EVER actually USED that word- flotsam. (Ha Ha Ha)
All things considered a pretty good day- tomorrow might include LAUNDRY. That could be wishful thinking but I’m ?planning? on it, I THINK. If I ever had any doubts about the trust worthiness of my conscious plans they are gone. They have joined the flotsam – sunk forever. Hey twice (flotsam) in one document ! Plans are plans and sometimes they work out and other times, well after all they were only ‘plans’.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

7:00 PM
Seems a lot later than that. Yeah, Yeah I'm still getting accustomed to the sun going down early AND coming up so late. By the time I get used to it it'll be spring. On the positive side I made it to church this morning. I didn't let the music become too distracting and the sermon was pretty good. Yes I am a terrible critic. After church I went for a ride. I wasn't headed anywhere and the old Scout had a full tank of gas and I was already about 15 miles out toward the mountains. If the weather is right and the smog isn't too bad there are places you can almost see mountains all the way around and undeveloped desert. Such were the conditions this morning. I made a wrong turn and knew it almost immediately but it took a long way for me to get a chance to turn around due to road construction. Oh I COULD have turned around about anywhere a few construction dirt piles wouldn't have stopped it, but striving to be a good law abiding citizen I chose not get off the pavement - that and traffic and it is a highly patrolled section of road. When I got back to town I decided to hit the large outside flea market on the way home. Didn't buy a thing. For some reason it was just one of those days - I got back on the freeway and headed home.

My good buddy and long time great friend AFTER his 3 mile run on his 80th Birthday.
Go Jim!

All the activity ceased when I got home - don't know why for sure. It just sort of reverted to a good book and a snack day and the next thing I knew I had to turn on a light. Just so you realize that I AM persistent and dedicated in some areas - I finished a good book and got a good start on another one. Now that's dedication, fed myself once and HEY ! I'm posting a note here.

I got an 8' x 10' outside rug from Dawn yesterday. She was tired of it I think didn't really want it anymore. She said it's OK but it's really dirty. Well it had been outside for a couple of years this is AZ we do have dust from time to time. Well she was absolutely correct. When I loaded it in the Scout I did notice the dust fogging. (chuckle) Well it looks great now. A yard vacuum and then a strong high pressure hose nozzle and it's almost like new. I'm just not sure where or if I want to use it. I'd really like a nice seating area for 3-5 people in the courtyard - I have large tables, I have chairs, I have lights but nothing goes together well. Here I am again thinking about getting rid of some stuff so I can get new (to me) stuff.

After getting the carpet cleaned a drying I thought ("thought" always a dangerous thing for me) I wasn't ready to call it a day but I wasn't ready for work. Yep - a shower revived my _______________ well I'm not sure what but . . . . I went to the legion. I check the parking lot when I get there - if there's too many cars/vehicles I turn around and go home. It looked OK but there was an older (from me, Ha Ha Ha) couple standing in the parking lot. I assumed they were going to their car and stopped and waved them across in front of me. They waved back - Well our waving wasn't getting any of us anywhere but they got the message through to me that they weren't going to their cars. I went and parked then stopped to chuckle with them about our signals. They were waiting for their son to pick them up. Well that turned into a gab fest. They were both fun and weren't finished talking- I'm sure glad it happened. Good folks and I was glad to be a fresh audience- Oh Yes, I may have contributed a little to the conversation, maybe? ? ? Being Vet's day there were a bunch of folks who had been there a while. I hadn't, which is always an interesting situation. Sometimes it isn't fun at all but sometimes it IS. It's all sort of like being in a small town again - some of it is good and some well. . . I am thankful that usually it's fun and even when I'm not really in the mood to be really social being around it & hearing a lot of laughing and lots of silliness helps.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

9:00 AM

Another week ALMOST slipped by with only one entry TILL today. The majority of yesterday was spent cleaning the Scout‘s exterior. OK so you can’t even tell it but . . . The day before I treated the Mercury’s leather and today I need to buff it off. Oh I expect there will be some other stuff added to the list for today. Mostly domestic in nature I expect. There’s always domestic duty – I’m not too bad about those except there seems to always be something needed.

Monday, November 6, 2017


The following I took from my IH Scout faceb page

The, not so pretty side, old mule earned it's keep today. 107 miles pulling a trailer. Two kinds of road conditions - bumper to bumper start & stop and Arizona freeways (65-85). 13.7 mpg.

I was hauling Adam (Bill & Damn’s son) & Elisabeth’s furniture from a storage unit in Mesa to their house in Queen Creek. 2 Loads. It went fine. There were a few concerning moments. One was on the freeway headed out on the first run. I was following Adam watching his tail lights because I had never been to the new house and frankly don’t know Queen Creek all that well. So cruising down “60” at the going speed (about 75) when three other vehicles all decided they needed the same space which was right in front of ME ! Now that would have been fairly interesting whatever I was driving but in this case, me being in my almost 40 year old Scout with a homemade trailer behind, it was heart stopping interesting. I saw the second when they realized what was happening and it was too late to reverse their plan. Two of the three altered their plan and the third slipped right though while the other two continued in different directions with all of them crossing in between Adam and me– NOT where they were headed. Frankly two of the drivers did a remarkable job keeping control and adapting their destinations. I avoided locking up my brakes – A Scout with off-road tires, a trailer attached (Scout & Trailer both) loaded with furniture)) and at 70+ mph- if the brakes would have locked up, it would have been like a hockey puck on fast ice and ended up looking like a NASCAR super speedway wreck in the last laps. All that was going through my mind as I attempted to slow down enough to avoid what I was convinced was going to close the hiway (& likely . . .) and who knows what else. If that maneuver had been planned, it would never have worked. My options were VERY limited – slow down as quickly as possible without losing it (control of the Scout & trailer) none of which requires my complete attention so I got to witness it all in real time. Like there was anything else I could do but watch at that point & hope they missed me. I’m not sure if my heart skipped few beats or added a few extra in between it’s usual regular beating. I’ll say it was interesting and something else that I really haven’t quite figured out but I don’t want to try again –. Thank You Lord.
We got it all done – their stuff that was in storage ISN’T in storage NOW. All things considered, a good day.”

Well it WAS MONDAY Ha Ha Ha

The trailer is tucked in behind the fence, The Scout is in it’s parking place. I‘m still relaxing in the bar but a shower, a book and a beverage are calling me- probably just a chapter or two but. . .

Saturday, November 4, 2017

7:30 PM

SATURDAY NIGHT and I'm home in front of the computer. Something is clearly wrong.
My world is at peace again. The Scout is functional AGAIN. I started to say "I love that old truck" but I think that might be a slight exaggeration. I don't use that word loosely therefore rarely. I do really like it and I'm glad to have it going again. The "fix' was simple, the diagnosis required help. I never realized how much I NEED to talk things over and throw ideas back and forth. I'm confident I'd could/would have figured it out but I had a deadline of Monday morning and I'm not sure I could have made it along with DOING the repair. Sometimes it's actually hard to remember I haven't worked on cars/trucks or even been around it much for a great number of years. They (vehicles) are certainly not the same now and my memory isn't either. I keep being reminded that it's usually a question of cleaning my mind and re-addressing the issue more than not being able to figure it out.

I've been thinking about Thursday- cleanup of the front & side yards. I now know more neighbors than I have in all the years I have been here put together, since Feb. 1993. Now don't get me wrong that number is one that I can count on my fingers yet, but now it would take both hands. . . (chuckle) I'm not even sure I like it yet (Ha Ha) - yeah I do. It's like knowing all the regular employees at the hardware store. Understand that the average age of those employees (other than cash register help) is likely 70+. I know a little about their kids & grandkids & a LOT about their spouses and even more about their "history". As I may have mentioned before, sometimes it doesn't take much to entertain me. Obviously "sometimes" it doesn't take too much to entertain YOU either - you're reading this aren't YOU. Got YA