Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wednesday 7:30 PM

I had a slight feeling last evening that today might be tough day. Stooping, bending, hauling and generally doing things that I don’t usually do much of and that being over a prolonged period. We skipped a day or two since we started but I suppose it wasn’t enough. Anyway I was not comfortable to ‘go at it’ this morning and in fact I don’t think Shorty was up for it. He got busy doing his thing ‘staying busy running around.’ We’ll see what the morning brings – Shorty has an early appointment again with an eye doc. So it won’t be an early start anyway.
If my back has lessen it’s reaction (retaliation) maybe we could finish up.

This last week of ‘the partners’ visit usually gets stressful for them. (a contagious affection) It’s not that they aren't usually ready to go back unless the weather in Eastern IA is really bad. They both have a lot more to do back there – know more people and a more firmly established routine etc. They are doing better now that they are flying back and forth. No packing and deciding what to take and what to leave and is it going to fit in their truck.
My eyes are a little droopy it seems. No explanation for that. It’s only 7:30 PM here but I’m strongly considering calling it a ‘self excused day’ and turning in.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tuesday 7:30 PM

Well that all didn’t happen as hoped. The fence didn’t get completed today. A couple of old timers tried to but. . . I’d say we both (Shorty & I) got a little too persnickety to our own frustration and then complicated the issue by pushing to far, to hard and too long. Oh Wow I never did THAT before - I wonder how that could have happened? Alas life goes on. It’s secure now IF one isn’t likely to want to crawl through a 10” high hole between concrete and rough sawed fencing with security flood lights showing them try. Maybe tomorrow – If we can both get moving in the morning. If not – maybe Thursday.
I burned a pile of the old fence material last night – beautiful fire but I had to get out of my outside recliner a LOT to feed it. Kindling? Oh Yeah!
In other news – Nothing. We ARE close to some 90+ temperatures and the partners will not like that. I’ll probably NEVER understand why 90 degrees is more uncomfortable than 30 or below.
Let me take a short inventory of my current status, tired- Yes, hungry- Eh probably, dirty – unquestionably. I’m thinking address cleanliness first, next hunger, then tired. Getting clean is refreshing & a requirement for me, eating is a “Yeah I guess I need to do that too”, thing. The longer I consider all this I realize that ‘expedience’ is also a factor. Good Night Treasured Readers

Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday 9:30 PM

Well the fence is down to a couple of panels to go. Then I have to create a 1 foot tapered fill of the opening below the fence that will accommodate run off of that wet stuff that falls here occasionally. That needs a little more explanation I bet. I wanted the fence top to be level. That might have been a poor choice as the front to rear drop is somewhat greater than I expected. “Somewhat?” A LOT. I should have been prepared for that BUT . . . I wasn’t ! I’m as tired as an old borrowed mule put away without food or water. BIG Thanks to Jim S. ! He came in to help and really did, PLUS, I really enjoy his company and observations. Shorty got home and jumped in. Well the project progresses – I ?may? post ‘after pictures’ not that they’ll show much. . .
Me? Oh I’m OK. Reckon I’ll worry about tomorrow in the MORNING and go from there. Now Pard, that there’s one of my better plans. . .

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday 9:30 PM

Oh Dear, the fence continues – NO it isn’t done, No it isn’t going all that well, BUT, it’s going. We are to the dogleg that exceeds the actual property lines – OK sue me ! I can easily straighten it out and lots cheaper than having an actual survey.
First evening fire using excess ‘over/many used fence’ for firewood. Well that worked out quite nicely. Don’t mind feeding it when I have a massive excess of it.
More than enough of THAT.

Saint Patrick's Day, Watch out ! EXTRA careful time. Well this isn’t going very far - - - It’s shower and horizontal time for old Crusty I think.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wednesday 4:30 PM

What can I say? It’s been busy around here. Busy like many often used words, have very little literal meaning. Ask 100 people to describe “busy” and ask exactly what they mean. I’ve just been ‘busy’ creating that last sentence – If I told you how long it took you would surely come to the conclusion that “old Crusty” has gone bonkers. You’d probably be accurate to an extent just as I been busy for the last few weeks (to an extent and based on my FEELINGS).
Wow that was laborious and time consuming. I wish I’d never started it as I expect you also might feel.
Are you beginning to understand “Why” it’s often a struggle for me to create a post?
The (1st phase) of the fence replacement has begun. It has been going VERY slowly. Not because of limited time invested although it hasn’t been every available moment but . . . It’s because we have to agree on everything and neither of us are really good at describing what we mean PLUS neither of us are accustomed to working with someone. Much like how I’m struggling to define ‘busy’ in my terms.
Alas it progresses, though slowly.
The old Scout caused me some concerns coming back from South of Queen Creek the other evening. Oh I made it home OK but it wasn’t returning to engine idle speed when it should. My first priority was getting home. Next day I tried it out and the engine would start great, idle fine too but start missing and sputtering badly just past idle speed. Finally I decided that I would NOT discover the issue while sitting and thinking about (chuckle). Finally I raised the hood and took the air cleaner off and just looked at it. Hum I looked again more closely and thought there is something not quite right here but what on earth IS it? A small heavy wire linkage between the choke and the accelerator linkage was laying on the intake manifold NOT attached to anything. Ah Ha! A CHOKE malfunction. The choke was sticking about 70% closed. OK I THINK but the slotted cam that it was supposed to attach to was only half there. Yep another “PLASTIC PART” has failed. Failed and departed to parts or places totally unknown. A pressed on plastic part on the carburetor. Well Darn! I’ve been considering going to a manual choke to bypass a bunch of those types of issues. As long as it’s fairly warm I can live without choke but it’s inconvenient in the mornings. Well it’s time I guess – They aren’t expensive, it isn’t too big a deal to make the change BUT I’M BUILDING A FENCE ! It’ll have to wait. The choke is Unstuck and the part is no longer restricting the choke returning to normal operation so it runs great just take a bit more to start.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

That is 100'of fence to replace the used junk that I scrounged almost 20 years ago. Now the real issue is getting it from there on the trailer to the fence row 100' away. The plan is to build a small cart that will hold one end vertical that I can maneuver but there are several levels & types of surfaces to travel over so it will HAVE to remain vertical en-rout. Yeah it should be fun.
Well I had to do something we finished the guestroom mini bathroom today, FINALLY. (Ha Ha) 'sort of' That said because there is some touch-up to do but it'll have to wait till it's vacant again and it's just a tiny bit around the base OR I could put in base mold that I hate even worse than touch-up painting.
Painting! I'm actually thinking of buying a Harbor Fright spray painter. The reports indicate that's it's a pretty good little unit not up for 8-10 hours a day 5 days'a week for long what HEY neither am I. Yeah it wears out but I could buy 4 of them for the cost of a pretty good unit. I have some experience and a lot of masking experience (chuckle). Old #5 is going to be in need of paint again. It's actually held up very well EXCEPT the West side and some places on the South side where the sun really fads it. Yeah a better grade of paint MIGHT help a little but I frankly doubt enough to warrant the added cost. The AZ sun is brutal on the West & South sides. Well crap! I was a little tired before but writing about up coming projects, NOW I calling it a night soon.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday 9:30 PM
We have something of a tradition here at “old #5” never replace if it can be fixed. As much as I ‘like’ that, sometimes it’s, maybe, not so practical. It’s all in the knowing or defining of practical. Is the judgment, financial, physical or frustration level. An entire day spent fixing a toilet. If I were paying for the labor only I’d have said REPLACE it but the ensuring damage from a leaking one compounds the issue. Floor coverings etc. Add in the matter of a guest arriving day after tomorrow- - - all that is fuzz around the issue that the guest is the partner’s lady’s son. Rightfully it becomes more of “get her done”. Well that didn’t work out so well BUT I think it finally did work out. Finally. We’ll know more tomorrow . . . “Fits most models” is very UN-popular approach here right now.

Walking out of the hardware store a guy said “that’s it’s an interesting man to keep a Scout going all these years. My response “Yeah bull headed and not too bright. Ah Well I guess I’m qualified . . . That got a laugh from the entire ‘check out’ line. Myself included . . .