Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I just know that everyone has been staying up late to see if there will be a TNFH post today, Right? Well there ‘WILL be shortly”.
Ol Crusty was out and on the road by 6:30 AM headed for the laundromat. In a desperate attempt to keep my motivation up I did have to stop and pickup donuts first. The size of the laundry wasn’t massive like it often is but it still takes about the same amount of time. It’s the standing and folding the wears on my back- OH WELL. Once again I didn’t heed my own advice and I didn’t remake the bed as soon as I got home sooo that remains to be accomplished as soon as I’m clean enough to touch clean laundry. Other important issues intervened (chuckle). The Hibiscus by the back door died. I just looked over the other day and it was quite obviously DEAD! I don’t have a clue why but there was not doubt it was well past any rejuvenating tries. That fact finally launched a clean up, trim up drive in the back. The Oleander that blocks the view of my back door was seriously overgrown and the Bougainvilleas in the very back (S. wall of the building and between the back yard and the neighbors) were out of control – almost. All those are back under some form of control. There remains a little clean up from the trimming of the last one. I shouldn’t have taken that last break. . . That’s # 2 on tomorrow’s list right after my eye exam at 9:00 AM. I think I just need new glasses. My last pair of glasses broke and they were almost 3 years old so my prescription is way out of date with my eyes. Probably will be for a while yet. 1st I have to take the prescription to VA in PHX and pick out frames and they THEN send the order to a contract provider. Last time it took a very long time as they lost the order. If I can make it work I’ll likely take the prescription directly to PHX VA and get them ordered. THEN I’ll consider #2 on tomorrow’s list, Maybe.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Whoops – I think that’s the third time I’m used that expression THIS MORNING. I missed a post yesterday, AGAIN. Oh Well- you didn’t miss anything. What I actually accomplished was about an hour and a half’s worth . That includes making two meals and cleaning up after my cooking process. It must be time to commence today’s activities because the coffee is GONE. Once again I’m reducing the coffee every morning. I’ve done that many times before and so far it hasn’t hurt anything. (chuckle)
We’ll see if I’m able to surpass yesterdays modest accomplishments – Sounds easy. .

Update for 09/19/17.
Can’t say I moved any mountains or actually got anything done that was noticeable to anyone but me but I got some things done that needed to be done. Ain’t all bad I reckon and I ain’t complaining. Must be a redneck atmosphere- Yeah I’ve been looking at some family pictures and then a couple from later years. I’m glad I can look at some of those in the last 30+ years (there are but a few), finally. It’s all a part of the life process, best I can tell.
I screwed up on my bill pay process a bit and had to try to address that – I was too quick on that- something that can’t often be said of “old Crusty”. I’ll have to wait a few days to straighten things up – no biggie – just sent a payment to the wrong account- same financial institution. The account I send it to I had a $0 balance. Dumb. I do that pretty well sometimes, “dumb” that is. Well I’m tired anyway in spite of doing NO physical stuff – need to address that too. .

Friday, September 15, 2017

Today I gave myself an F- in productivity ! I haven't even walked through the shop let alone spend any time there. Add to that emotional/physical environment that it was a fine day for such a task weather wise, under a hundred degrees & a few clouds from time to time. Yes folks I missed a fine chance to "get her done." I wish it had worked out but alas it was not to be - TODAY - No Big Deal - it's all waiting for me, patiently, I hope. The weird thing about having a shop and rarely using it is I'm still adding tools. I just got a 2" mirror with a telescoping handle - Oh Wait I have one of those - but not with two LED lights on the mirror head. I HAD TO HAVE IT totally because of all the times I wished I'd had something like that. All the times that I could get the mirror where it needed to be to see what I needed to see BUT I couldn't get light to what I was looking at, at the same time. Crazy Old Man and getting better at THAT! Ha Ha Ha Well I HAVE ONE NOW! No place to keep it YET but. . .

Sometimes I use this forum to evaluate my attitudes of the day. Mostly the composing, editing & evaluation process is the questioning period, as to, does it get posted or get deleted? Attitudes- Those are a matter, question and/or issue of the Heart. Maybe (?maybe?) It is the source or launching place of actions taken or anticipated. Whoa that's heavy-

I preach a pretty good sermon, I guess, I rarely ever listen to them myself.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

20 minutes to get to VA, 40 minutes cruising the parking lots including the high rise lot. The high rise was backed up the length of the facility waiting for vehicles to turn around and come back down. I asked a volunteer shuttle driver if he had any suggestions? He said "do ya know where the PHX City Park parking lot is? "Yep" was my reply. "Go there and I'll be there as soon as I can and don't start walking I'll be there. Strange what pausing and asking can do (think about it in many terms). After the shuttle driver also helped me get the passenger side window up. Whoops another window doesn't always work. Lots of great people trying to do an impossible job. 10 minutes later I was walking into the front door, 40 minutes later, I trying to find my way back out after getting the results "we got it all and the stitches are out and the wound looks fine." "Good to go with care" - Whoops something I don't do well - with care.
Just thought I'd keep you current with my exciting life. Wait a minute I ain't complaining - just sharing an experience. Yeah I guess it sounded like complaining but the treatment / front line folks make up for MOST of the inconvenience & frustration. Thanks be to He who provides
Hum- Yesterday's productivity was spotty and inconsistent BUT there was some. It wasn't a total "kickback" day. Out the window of personal satisfaction I'd give it a 60%. Things inside and out around "old #5"are looking almost up to snuff based on "old Crusty's" standards. The shop still remains totally unsatisfactory but at least most everything that belongs there, is there. Now with the motivation of recent success at getting back into "the grove", when I get home today (after stitchs removal), IF I can get "back into it", MIGHT see great things in shop maintenance or not. . . (chuckle) Sometimes after being clean and attired for public appearance, it's hard to change into grubby work cloths and get back TO IT. I'm not going to hold my feet to the fire on that yet. Aw the drama intensifies!
It might just translate into a technology day. That's a thought. Considering all the issues too long might just take care of the challenge of an afternoon without physical labor. It would be SO nice to have WiFi going again but that would probably lead to a tablet or laptop purchase - I discovered my connection between computer to stereo ISN'T - and then IF the wifi was back up and running, I have the range extender to install - Oh a new web cam too. All has been quietly awaiting my attention for a long time now.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I am contemplating a “kick back day” tomorrow. That decision will likely happen about 9 -9:30 AM in the morning. Two good days in a row with about 6 hours each – outside in 105-106 degrees, Yeah I could be good with that EXCEPT there is so much more to do. None of it is fun or especially rewarding but needs done and I can always use the old “it’s supposed be windy” Right? (Ha Ha) Well IT IS! We’ll see how “Ye Ole Bode” responses in the morning. Yeah I think I’ve covered myself either way, Right? Thursday AM I get stitches out ! Whaa Who, Right ?
Hey Whoever occasionally hits “interesting” THANK YOU ! Ya know when I ask so many questions you are, here by, obligated to respond in some way. Got Ya!

Monday, September 11, 2017

I was very happy to have a response to my email barrage (see previous post about “grid bike” station) before 9:00 AM this morning PLUS the news that the response conveyed – The bike rental station is going in across Center street in front of the city offices. I’ll admit I’m a touch paranoid about “Old #5” stemming from a number of reasons- or self justifications OR just plain excuses. Interesting, probably just to me but yet interesting. After typing the previous sentence I was compelled to examine my thoughts/feelings that prompted it. The sense of “Old #5” being in my care, trust & responsibility re-enforced that sense but just a touch of vanity about the place exists also, (chuckle). I AM quite happy to relax about that issue though. Like I SHOULD have immediately after I did all I could do about it. SO if I use that pent up aggression toward some projects today – LOOK OUT World!

NĂºmero Uno - should be eating breakfast, followed by some “policing” of the front areas. Some trash has mysteriously appeared and a little trimming & raking would be appropriate. My problem with that is – stopping and moving on other priorities - Yeah when I get going with those kind of tasks I DO tend to get carried away- That may well originate from sometimes liking “no brainer” jobs. Jobs that don’t require decisions about finding places for stuff and pitching of stuff – That is a tough one for me. . . It IS time for adjusting my past tendencies of retaining stuff excessively. Maybe if I type that a hundred times (without /using “copy & paste”) it’ll sink in a little ? Ya Think?


Imagine me as a real prophet - OK maybe not a REAL prophet but. . .I got started in front and got carried away. Oh nothing that didn't NEED doing and no trimming just leaves and debris. I used the yard blower and rake and thought I had everything going "my way". I had the leaves blown out into the curb and was ready to start vacuuming them up. It was s still day and that really helps herding leaves to a good spot to vacuum/mulch all the accumulation. It WAS a still day till then. One small dust devil succeeded by a nice (any other time) breeze. My row of leaves became less of a row and more of a wide moving area. Add to that - they chip sealed the street a week or so ago. They did a very poor job and I've been sweeping tiny tar coated stones up from the patios and inside ever since. My, always alert, problem solving mind (chuckle)immediately struck on a plan. Get the leaves that I can and let the rest travel West with the breeze and blow the tiny tar coated stones out into the lane of traffic and hope that the vehicles driving over them will compress them into the surface. Hey! It still SOUNDS reasonable to me. I don't know that it will actually help but it was an excellent plan. It isn't hard to understand why the chip seal process is not always successful- My observation is- they don't clean the streets well before. They sent a contract street sweeper over them and declare them ready. In my experience street sweepers don't clean anything - they re-arrange the dirt into a even distribution that isn't conspicuous. My normal electric residential yard blower is more than enough to peal off the week old "chip & seal" in large sheets. I was so tempted to demonstrate how easily I could strip the new surface off - actually I couldn't, totally, help doing it to some degree but I was careful to minimize it. Oh WOW - it's past my shower time.