Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday 8:30 PM

I’m sorry but it doesn’t ‘feel’ like Friday. Maybe a Wednesday or Thursday but a FRIDAY? Nah can’t be. Crazy Old Man!
Today’s accomplishments on a scale of 1 to 10 – I think I saw the needle move once but I won’t lie to you, I can’t be sure. I did get a couple of things moved out in the courtyard. My ‘new to me’ table and newly recovered stools

are in place where I ?think? I want them. One of the water effects and spot light are where I ?think? I want them for the summer. Did you notice my level of confidence in my choices? Ha Ha Ha
PLUS I DID get to the grocery store – It’s really hard to make an egg sandwich or egg & Bacon sandwich etc without bread. It’s even harder without eggs and when the milk doesn’t smell quite right, well it’s time to go to the store. Ya Think?
OK IF I’m sure today really was Friday then I know what to expect for tomorrow A Saturday! Well I’m never really sure so I guess I’ll ‘try it on’ in the morning and worry about it then.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tuesday 5:30 AM

Good Morning! It’s been an OK morning here since 3:00 AM. At 3:00 AM I woke, in self defense, to escape a horrible dream. That is NOT a regular occurrence for me - Thankfully. Then it’s “do I even want to back to sleep? In this case NOPE. They ( horrible dreams) sometimes pick up right where I left them. Seriously Thankful they are rare in my case. The additional complication was the wind was blowing and my shade next to the bedroom was already the victim previous winds so there was a lot of flapping in the wind and associated noise. I got up to verify the source of the noise and realized there was a light on in Shorty’s place. NOW I WAS REALLY AWAKE. Being ready for war already – 900 lumen spotlight in my horizontally extended left hand and .45 in the other when I remembered I’d been in the basement and left a light on and the basement door open myself. Duh I suppose it was a good thing that I was awake enough to remember my own foolishness of leaving the light on etc. The down side is I was REALLY WAKE and considering a return to bed was no question at all. In a few minutes my body announced that it’s desire for a good cup of coffee was also awake and complaining that I hadn’t already started a pot. Fortunately the coffee maker is pretty fast (smile) AND I got just the ‘right for me’ amount of coffee in it. When I drink coffee and I want to taste the coffee and I rely on the grinder’s settings for that amount which doesn’t always come out just ‘right’. This time– it was ‘right on’.
I might have contributed to the entire episode by over doing just a tad yesterday. I did a major cleanup in the front yard and extended it to the neighbors also. I mean – clean up a built up accumulation (“accumulation” amounting to enough packed crushed leaves to totally fill a 90 gal. garbage dumpster and ½ of another.) of leaves and not removing same from the neighbor’s is futile. Any little breeze would just relocate the mess to MY yard. When my courage is back in place I’ll go out and check if my labor was in vain or not. Is my front yard again plagued with leaves stuck to the cactus and in mounds in nooks & corners ? I hope not but I knew it was/is a possibility. I still wasn’t ready to end the “get her done” mode after the yard work. Thus the reason for me being in the basement – get some leftover upholstery material for a couple bar stools that have been sitting patiently in the courtyard waiting for me to ‘get around to it.’ I got ONE done before my body refused to cooperate willingly and began making warnings to ‘cease and desist or prepare for the consequences.’

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday 7:30 PM

Well I certainly didn’t do much today. A trip to Sam’s Club & the grocery store and frankly I think that was about all.
Windy here – so far not damaging winds but enough to stir up the dust (& fallen blooms & debris & anything loose in the Palm trees).
I was taking a break in the courtyard, relaxing a bit with a book and a piece of palm tree hit the roof. I almost had to run in the house for a change of wardrobe but alas all was well. Just LOUD! The wind was strong enough to blow them off the roof and when I saw them I relaxed again. Me & the courtyard roof are both too old for that kind of nonsense.
Oh Yeah I stopped by a Goodwil store- risky business for me to do that. I came home with a bar height glass topped table 2 ft. in diameter in good shape just needing the base painted. Done and dry – next – recover a couple of bar stools that have waiting patiently for me to find something like that. Well as soon as the stools are done it’s “OK where do I put them?” I see stuff like that and remember how it “used to be”. Friday night Happy Hour @ “old #5.” Fun times.
Don’t stay there “Old Crusty”. Visit occasionally just don’t stay too long. . .

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Now to rake the work area and run a roofer's magnet over it - I MIGHT have missed a nail or 27 and I'd sure find them in a tire. The second pic. is 80+ feet of old wood fence cut and bundled in 2' lengths and plus the green container and 2 buckets. That is just what I kept . . .

Update 7:30 PM
Wow a much needed shower, and a small pitcher of brew plus a great fish taco and home again. Another good day not as good as having great friends here helping and visiting BUT The mess is GONE and Shorty's car is back in the fence. I can't even count the nails and screws the roofer's magnet grabbed. Not all were from THIS job but I'm glad they are gone -Chop saw is back in the shop (long story there) along with all the tools, not returned to their proper storage space, but the shop is close enough for today.
8:00 PM
I'm thinking a small glass of Kentucky dew and maybe finish a book in the courtyard or at least till my eyelids cease cooperating. They are prone to doing that when it's REALLY time for the horizontal position.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sunday 6:30 PM

The Lemon tree is getting LARGE FAST! The fence is over 7’ tall there so the tree is up to about 8-10’. Looks like a good production year based of the number of lemons already and it’s still blooming on the newer tall branches. It's been fun watching it grow and produce. Not to mention the Lemon pies I've enjoyed because of it. I wish I had room for a little garden but the lemon tree has taken it over. Hey Wait a minute ! I still have some grass! I could take another 3-4 feet off that grassy area - hum.
The Mercury was fixed as of right before closing Sat. afternoon. I couldn't get there to pick it up. It is no longer air ride - back to old fashioned springs and shocks. Oh Well they are a lot cheaper to maintain and if I can the drive the Scout mostly then any change is the comfort of the Mercury will very likely go unnoticed (by me). Oh Yeah I think the shop treated me fairly it wasn't a freebe but it was quite a bit cheaper that what they normally get for the same job and about 1/3 the cost of rebuilding the air ride.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas Summer but it's supposed to be back to the 80's this coming week. I'm good up to about 105-110 THEN it's HOT! Just plain HOT. Still working weather but A LOT SLOWER and with more BREAKS! If I slow down much I have to drive a stake next to me to be sure I'm still moving then.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wednesday 5:30 PM

Well another day is passing before my eyes with nothing positive to show for it. Quite a bit to remember it by but . . . I’ve been watching one of the tires on the Mercury sort of thought it might be tad low. 3 tires right on 32# and one at 12#. I first thought was to just air it up and see what happens. My more mature ‘me’ thought “No, that attitude gets me in trouble almost always.” So attempting to act like someone whose head is out in the sunshine, I aired it up and went to the tire shop to get it checked. Off the are and into the water tank. NOTHING! The young man said it had 32# just like the other three si yo want me to take it apart and check the inside? I asked “did you check the valve stem and core?” “Yes I did, all is well there.” I replied well put ti back on. That was this morning. When it was back on and they were ready to back it out they realized the rear end was sagging. It’s air ride in the back. No air ride! That was about noon and I’ve been back home for an hour. STILL NO air ride. 3 guys who knew about air ride suspensions but not REALLY knowledgeable. I had watched and the guy changing the tire didn’t mess up – I watched him turn the switch to OFF before raising the rear end off the ground. They gave it ‘what for’ trying but to no avail. The rear is sitting just a couple inches off the ground. Long story made a little shorter – the pump isn’t kicking in. Well I knew THAT! They checked the air bags that support the body in back and even re-sealed them. Nope Won’t work without the pump. Then they got the book out and sneaked off to the office to check the internet. Came back and went through a check out procedure. Guess what they leaned? The pump isn’t activating – DUH! Is it the pump that is the cause or is something else no sending the signal to the pump? Your GUESS is as good as anyone elses at this point. It goes back tomorrow to reside there till they either give up or ???? My quandary is “ do I hold them liable and demand they fix it ? Whatever happened, happened while it was in their shop. That’s doubly difficult – been there personally. I was doing a valve job on an old Chevy in Maysville and when it was all finished I was setting the valves. Yeah I SAID it was old. I standing there being pretty proud of the job when I rod started knocking. I hadn’t in that part of the engine at all. I shut it off immediately but alas then I restated it the knocking was still there. Shut it off and call the owner! All I could do. He was sort of a friend and a regular customer. I explained it all to him. His position was it happened while it was in your shop – YOU have a problem. Finally we agreed – I would fix it for the cost of the parts. He left happy and I felt I did the right thing. I’d have felt just as he did if the roles where reversed. Now the shoe is on MY FOOT! Pretty much the same situation EXCEPT for the cost of the parts. I aught to rebuild the entire system – it is a wear item and subject to age just like me (chuckle) It IS old - almost 25 years old. Wait the Scout is almost 40 years old! And I’m MORE than both of those added together! Like any of that has anything to do with it. (chuckle) News as it develops -
I’m going to meet Kurt in the morning for breakfast and B.S. That’s NOT Bacon & Scrambled eggs either.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tuesday 8:30 PM

Think I’m getting a touch – touched (in the head)? Wouldn’t be a bit surprised. I was out wondering around the vast spaces of “old #5” (chuckle) when I noticed that the Mealy Bugs were taking over the Prickly Pear Cactus. Nasty little critters that attack a couple species of cacti at their thorn bases and hijack the moisture and nutrients and create a white sticky substance and live and breed and can damage the cactus. Well obviously they are an enemy of old crusty then. I’ve tried the native’s brew, the scientific treatment for them and then the marketed treatment – Nope, Not worth the money or effort. String out a couple hundred feet of garden hose a pressure nozzle and wash them away. Messy – YEAH, cleanup YEAH (they bleed red), does it work better than the “approved methods? YEAH. A good Mexican friend from next door explained his dad used a mixture of non protein soak and sprayed them with it. Yep the non protein soap cost more the factory made “sure to get rid of them” stuff. Both sort of worked but nothing works for me more than a high pressure nozzle and a lot of garden hose. I have a lot of hose and well my time doesn’t cost much at the time- later on sometimes it costs more that I’d like to admit but – for a while they are gone. Well as long as I have the hose out and connected a few of the cacti look a little stressed, been dry for quite a while. A good drink from the CO. River should take care of that too. Got her done! PLUS I had time to shower and get to the Legion for “Happy Hour”. A good friend there was telling me about he and some friends went shooting this morning and one of their homemade targets shot back with a piece of shrapnel and got him in the leg. He dug the shrapnel out and packed the hole with “polley gripe. (denture adhesive)” Cracked me up, “he said it’s fine that leg doesn’t work all that well anyway!” They immediately started a re- design of their targets though. They DO use some heavy duty weapons. . .
Now just so you know I didn’t spent the entire day having fun. I DID get the West (Center St) Patio & Courtyard floor cleaned. Then as long as I was on a roll in that area I got the Center St. blvd. cleaned up and so I will say even though it wasn’t what I set out to do, SOME was included in the plan. Sooo my plan wasn’t totally ignored it just changed direction along the way. Hey ! It’s the retired way. . .