Monday, June 26, 2017

I believe I'm done outside today. I took advantage of 110 degree temperatures today. One 90 gal. dumpster full of the cactus (diced and packed) with the tiny stickers like thorns that blow in the wind when disturbed and believe me I disturbed 5 of them. I plan to do more tomorrow and 2/3-3/4 fill another dumpster. That will leave me more than enough room for my paltry one waste can of garbage a week.

I ?may? tackle the cabinet in the bar that has held the TV for all these years. I gave up on finding some other piece of furniture to hold the flat screen TV - that goal has more to do with the appearance/feel of space in there. There is LOTS of stuff in the bottom cabinet that I haven't even dug around in in a VERY long time PLUS on top is an air cleaner and an antique Pabst Blue Ribbon neon light that still works! I hung in Sherry & I's 1st "The Station" in downtown Maysville IA. In fact "The Station" WAS downtown Maysville. Ia. Oh there were other businesses - a part-time barber shop, a tractor repair shop, a well digging firm AND and a half mile out of town was a 12 lane bowling alley. Oh Yeah I know where I was going with that. The night before we had our "grand opening" some rascals broke in via the 4x6' front window and stole all of the cigarettes and frozen pizzas. The PBR sign was hanging in that window even after the glass was broken out and still worked and still works. Then it moved to Dixon IA with us and then it made the long trip in the school bus to AZ with us. I'd have a hard time getting rid of it NOW.

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  1. Boy that stuff about the Station brings back some memories for me, too.
    I remember with great nostalgia those delicious Tombstone frozen pizzas hot from the special vendor supplied oven.

    I was also thinking just the other day, as I drove to work with a sleeping son sprawled out in the back seat on the way to be dropped off at his job, the days you'd get me up at the crack of pre-dawn and I'd sleep on the way to the Station and then snooze for a while on the floor in the back room before waking up to see what was going on that morning.