Thursday, June 29, 2017

Darn near another week has gone by already. I really don’t know how I accomplish that while getting almost nothing done. Must be some special talent that I possess.

A while back I was shopping in a Goodwill store. Not an uncommon occurrence yet this trip was sort of special. I felt eyes focused on me. I discretely checked out the source. It was giant dog. Well maybe not giant but certainly unusually sizable. She looked like a giant golden lab Id guess. It’s owner was a “mature gentleman” much like myself (chuckle)– just meandering through the store. The dog had stopped and was staring at me causing the owner to have to stop – Yeah it was a BIG dog. Once I looked at it it’s tail started wagging vigorously and it headed my way sort of dragging it’s owner. That dog wanted me to pet it ! Seriously wanted some attention and was not to be denied. I gladly responded appropriately I guess because the owner came along willingly. I’m not sure how much influence the owner had but he didn’t try to stop the dog. After a LOT of petting & gentle words of praise to the dog, the owner got bored and moved on with the dog obediently going along. Each time she would see me in the store her tail would start wagging and she’d try to head my way. It was strange, dogs generally tend to like me and realize I’m an easy mark for some attention but I don’t think any have been quite like that one. I was sort of honored frankly.

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