Thursday, July 6, 2017

Where did this week go? Hummm Where DOES used up time GO? Excuse me I just never thought of time as a finite object. I've heard of some theories about time but. . . I was never interested enough to really get involved in the discussions and may well remain the case. (chuckle)

I guess if you are reading this you must have survived the holiday and are willing to subject yourself to MORE punishment, right?

Oh Joy My cellphone just notified me that it's expected to get to 115 degrees tomorrow again (46.1 Celsius)tomorrow. That is only about 10 degrees over the norm here this time of year yet it does make the news. Let's see now what are the options - "stay inside with AC straining away", get out and brave the heat but take it slow (I have that part down pat) and drink quantities of water that under any other conditions you wouldn't be able to consume. Yeah I think I'll go for the second option - I usually do but sometimes I go SO slow that a stake in the ground is needed to verify my movement. Frankly I don't get much done except yard work and that's pretty limited. I sometimes amuse myself by Speaking to stranger with a traditional greeting like "Hello" or "How Ya Doing?" Then casually ask "Do you think it's EVER going to warm up?" It's worth it just to see/hear their reactions. Ok, OK I've admitted many times before to being easily entertained.

I DO still have two empty dumpsters to fill before Sat. midday (pickup day), I do have plenty of cactus that could use trimming and thereby filling the dumpsters I'll have to pay for anyway- THAT'S motivation!

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