Monday, July 10, 2017

Well it's only Monday ! That's a good thing.

I just got word from Shorty (partner in "old #5"). Shirley (his lady since before "old #5")had her end of treatment examination for throat cancer today and she is cancer FREE ! ! ! Thank You Lord !

Nothing of THAT scope or magnitude yet I got the courtyard and back yard cleaned up, trimmed, grass cut and d-thatched. The green giving water IS RUNNING. I always wonder about myself when I water the grass- I don't really enjoy grass BUT it is cooler than granite and it does look nice in the little space out back. SOoo I water it! Along the way I noticed that my "cooler" for the courtyard had a leak in it's supply line. All fixed and back to cooling where I sit and read at night which won't be too long now- a few things to put away, turn the water off to the yard and lemon tree and A SHOWER !! Can't emphasize that last item enough. I should figure out a way to mine the salt from my "T" shirts - - - Ha Ha Ha.

I know this is of VERY local interest BUT the owner of the apartment house next door is NOT ONLY adding AC (one unit at a time but putting a NEW roof on it!!! At least the one that is getting AC (?). I would have never expected THAT! (from the old skeptical one)

I may have to upgrade my care of "old #5" to keep abreast of the neighbors - that's a shocking thing to contemplate after all these years.

OK "old crusty" "Turn off the water, Pick up a few tools and go to the shower! THEN decide on the evenings activities - Yeah most likely a good book and beverage while the sun goes down and my eye lids get heavy. Have I Thanked You, Today Lord? Probably not - I DO.

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