Thursday, July 13, 2017

This crazy old man needs to get his act together. I’m sure YOU realized the week was almost over- me - eh not so much. Oh I realized what day it was each day. It just didn’t compute towards the week being over so quickly. Last night I realized it was Wednesday because when I was leaving the Legion early I wondered about stopping at the Brewery because a buddy plays there on Wednesday evenings. I decided that I was more in the mood to water stuff so I went straight home. The NEED to “water stuff” was significant enough to motivate me to come straight home AND WATER stuff both in front and out back. Yes SOMETIMES cactus even need watered – not to survive but to flourish. All the time in the deep dark recesses of my wondering mind I KNOW the Scout needs to go through emissions THIS month. That requires a little preparation – I was pretty sure I had a vacuum leak (fixed) and knew I needed a new air cleaner (done) etc. I THINK the Scout will be ready after I fill it with fresh gas to replace the gas with additives that I’ve been running in it in preparation. That much got done today but I have company coming tomorrow afternoon- Xavier & Cyrus are coming – Some snacks and non-adult beverages are appropriate – Got that done too.

I did discover the mystery of all the improvements next door though. It has new ownership- local ownership. Currently it REALLY looks like a slum though- junk, construction debris and old evap. coolers are in big piles all over. Apparently the new owner actually came by and met the tenants to let them know what was happening.

I don’t think I’ll get much more accomplished this evening but should get a little “pickup” and the courtyard cleaned a but in the morning so MY MIND is comfortable for the boy’s visit in the afternoon. I know they wouldn’t care or probably notice but. . . I WOULD!

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