Thursday, June 22, 2017

"The News From Here" - Hello My name is Crusty. It sure is hard to get back into a routine. Things have been hectic-for me. I add the "for me" because I know people who can maintain a hectic pace and handle it. Not ME. After spending a couple weeks struggling with my back I was just getting back in positive routine when my newly acquired Mercury developed a coolant leak-might have been there before but I really don't think so. 4" straight hose from the thermostat to a solid pipe UNDER the intake manifold. Even aluminum intakes with all the fuel injection plumbing and stuff attached are way too heavy for me to lift with my arms fully extended. If I could have gotten it off I knew I NEVER be able to get it back on without messing something up. Anyway it's done and we didn't find anything else wrong. I ?plan? to keep it nice which means under shade etc, and start/continue to look for a few things it needs yet to be the way I'd like it to be. The 6 way seat with recline and lumbar support switch is bad and NOT available through traditional sources and finding one in a salvage yard is a real challenge and not a good one here this time of the year.
I found a new low boy car jack at a store I frequent. I knew the jack was missing from the Merc. I figured a junk yard jack would be $15-20 and this new name brand 3 1/2 inch high jack was $30. I'd learned that jacking the Crown Victoria up with a flat tire was barely possible so what could I do but BUY it. Ha Ha Ha

Enough car talk!

I wondered why I was out of steam today so early- the barometric pressure is 0. I read about potential effects so I've been trying to keep an eye on it. I can't say for sure are not but I think it MAY make a difference. Not like I can doing anything about it just interesting. (chuckle)
I really intended to clean up the large patio & courtyard FIRST today but heard the equipment running and the dust flying and knew that I would just frustrate myself AND the shop REALLY needs the cleaning. Joining the construction staging area across the street (for the light rail extension) AND the school directly to the south grading the playground (why?) is more than enough to discourage cleaning the patio. Then it got hot and they shut down with a giant pile of dirt against the fence 30' away. Left for tomorrow I guess. . .
Griping? Probably sounds like it but isn't except for the grading maybe a tiny bit. (chuckle)

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